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Zara And TwoJeys Unveil A Collection Ready For Adventure

Image Source: valerii eidlin @ShutterStock

Zara’s most recent collaborative endeavor unites with the trailblazing jewelry company TwoJeys, infusing fashion with a zest for exploration and boldness. Pioneered by the innovative duo Biel Juste Calduch and Joan Margarit, TwoJeys is synonymous with thrilling escapades and intrepid journeys.

The heartbeat of the Zara x TwoJeys range is its appeal to intrepid souls and contemporary nomads. Renowned lensman Glen Luchford captures the essence in a striking campaign that showcases skateboarders Evan Mock and Carlisle Aikens, alongside the captivating Iris Law.

Initiating the Zara x TwoJeys Collection Journey

Inspiration for this innovative capsule springs from the realm of jewelry. Biel Juste Calduch explains, “TwoJeys represents a mindset. It was during a dreamlike cruise along California’s Route 66 that Joan and I sparked the concept.”

“As we ventured further, no jewelry seemed to embody our highway voyage’s spirit, prompting us to create our own,” shares Calduch. This motivation shines through in the collection’s ornaments like chains, trinkets, rings, and key holders, all marked by TwoJeys’ iconic twin stars, lending a unique flair.

Melding the ruggedness of American auto culture with Western motifs, the Zara x TwoJeys line curates attire for the down-to-earth daredevil. A force of eclectic and audacious Generation Z sartorial statements, the clothing range presents knits and jerseys that bear the marks of texture, age, and the tell-tale signs of life’s adventures.

Denim, outerwear, tees, and various pieces in the collection stand as testaments to the wearer’s quests and sagas. Joan Margarit divulges, “With Zara, we’ve forged a collection that channels our liveliness and relentless pace of life. It’s robust, confident, and unrestrained: with TwoJeys, life races ahead at full throttle.”

The spirit of adventure innate to TwoJeys is vividly portrayed within the campaign’s visuals, where Glen Luchford’s camera artistry foregrounds the rugged scenery and animated essence. California’s famed highways and roadside diners serve as the perfect scenic complement to the narrative of discovery and unrestrained liberty woven into the collection.

Highlighting the campaign, the accompanying lookbook showcases model Camp Schillereff as the personification of the collection’s audacious ethos. His portrayal accentuates the adaptability and allure for those who embrace life bravely. Availability of the Zara x TwoJeys collection begins June 3, 2024, at selected storefronts and through Zara’s official website

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Image Source: valerii eidlin @ShutterStock

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