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Uniqlo Files Lawsuit Against Shein Over Alleged Copycat Bag

Image Source: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock

Uniqlo has taken legal action against Shein, alleging that the retailer has copied its popular shoulder bag.

The legal case, which was filed at the Tokyo District Court, argues that some of Shein’s bags “closely resemble” Uniqlo’s viral Round Mini Shoulder bag.

The Japanese retailer is demanding that Shein immediately stop selling the bag in question and is seeking “compensation for damages incurred.”

The viral Uniqlo bag, known as the ‘Mary Poppins’ shoulder bag, has gained widespread popularity online, with videos of the product accumulating millions of ‘likes’ over the past year.

Fast Retailing stated, “The company filed this complaint because it has determined that the form of the imitation products sold by Shein closely resembles that of its own product.

“The sale of the imitation products by Shein significantly undermines the high level of customer confidence in the quality of the Uniqlo brand and its products.”

Shein is facing other legal issues as well. In December, Temu filed a lawsuit against the retailer, accusing it of “mafia-style intimidation of suppliers” and copyright concerns.

Temu claimed that Shein infringed on its intellectual property rights and falsely imprisoned its merchants, among other tactics to hinder its rival’s US growth.

Image Source: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock

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