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Understanding Korean Ulzzang Style

Korean fashion and makeup trends have gained widespread popularity worldwide, with the ulzzang Korean style gaining particular attention.

Let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know about Korean Ulzzang style:

What Does Ulzzang Mean?

Ulzzang is a term originating from South Korea used to describe individuals with flawless or attractive faces. Those with an ulzzang look are typically photogenic and well-liked, often setting the standard for Korean beauty ideals.

Facts About Ulzzang

Initially, the term was used in a beauty contest on social media and later extended to refer to individuals, especially girls, with good-looking faces in the online space.

Unlike traditional celebrities or actors known for their charisma, “Ulzzang” is commonly associated with regular people.

1. Rising Popularity Since the Late 90s

The term gained prominence in Korea during the late 1990s, coinciding with the rise of social networking sites like Cyworld and the popularity of digital cameras.

2. Originating from Three High School Girls

The concept began with three high school girls known as the Ulzzang Eun-Kwang Trio, named after their school. Since then, the term has gained widespread popularity.

3. Gateway to Opportunities in Entertainment

Individuals who acquire the charming title in the virtual world often receive offers to enter the entertainment industry or pursue a career in modeling.

Ulzzang Fashion

Similar to the Harajuku trend in Japan, Ulzzang fashion carries its unique characteristics.

Mini Dresses: Ulzzangs purposefully wear mini dresses to exude a cute and slender appearance, often striking cute poses in their social media outfit of the day (OOTD) posts.

High Waisted Jeans and Baby Shirts: When not in mini dresses, Ulzzangs typically sport high-waisted jeans paired with baby shirts. This combination accentuates a slender and cute look.

Varied Color Palettes: Ulzzangs often lean towards pastel hues, earth tones, and monochromatic colors. They prefer plain outfits with distinctive details such as ruffles.

Ulzzang Makeup

A crucial aspect of achieving the ulzzang look is the makeup style. Here are some essential makeup tips:

1. Cushion Foundation

Opt for a cushion foundation to achieve a naturally flawless and glowing complexion, a staple in the ulzzang trend.

2. Eyebrow Mascara

Shape and enhance your eyebrows with eyebrow mascara for a natural yet defined look, especially suitable for individuals with thick eyebrows.

3. Highlighter Application

Incorporate highlighter under your eyes, on the eyelids, cheekbones, and nose bridge to create a naturally radiant appearance, a signature of Korean ulzzang makeup.

4. Liquid or Gel Eyeliner

Enhance your eyes with liquid or gel eyeliner for a larger eye look without appearing too heavy, depending on your preference and skill level.

5. Emphasize with Mascara

Mascara plays a vital role in ulzzang makeup, focusing on perfecting the eyes. Opt for a thick mascara to curl and define your lashes naturally.

6. Blush Application

A touch of blush enhances the innocent and cute ulzzang look, contributing to a pretty and youthful appearance.

7. Ombre Lips

Achieve the iconic ombre lips look embraced by Korean ulzzangs by applying concealer all over your lips, then using nude lipmate on the outer lips and cherry red lip tint on the inner lips for a beautiful gradient effect.

Image Source: metamorworks / Shutterstock

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