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Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women Going on Vacation in Summer 2022

Julia Kicova / Unsplash

The past two years have brought numerous challenges to many people. The COVID-19 pandemic not only posed a threat to health but also disrupted plans for dream weddings and vacations.

As travel restrictions ease in 2022, many individuals have seized the opportunity to book vacations abroad. If you are fortunate enough to be planning a trip this summer, you might be wondering how to maintain a stylish look whether you are exploring a European city or lounging on the beach.

Fortunately, there are key wardrobe staples that you can pack for your holiday that will suit various destinations.

Bring a Coat or Jacket

While more common in British weather, unexpected rain can surprise anyone during a vacation, even in the middle of August. To prepare for such situations, consider packing a lightweight coat or jacket. There are many stylish options available, including regular and plus-size jackets tailored for summer wear. Wearing one can not only shield you from the rain but also elevate your outfit.

Ultimate Fashion Guide for Women Going on Vacation in Summer 2022
Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

Sunhats Are Essential

Protecting yourself from the sun is crucial, especially when enjoying a beach day in a sunny location like Italy. Wearing a sun hat is a simple yet effective way to shield yourself from harmful UV rays. Opt for a wide-brimmed hat made of breathable materials like straw or cotton. This not only provides sun protection for your head, shoulders, and face but also helps keep you cool.

Bring a Variety of Shoes

It may sound peculiar, but packing multiple pairs of shoes for your holiday is practical. Different footwear can help you adapt to varying temperatures and activities. Ensure you have comfortable, cushioned shoes for long walks and appropriate footwear for different settings. For instance, sneakers are ideal for sightseeing, while sandals are perfect for the beach.

Avoid Heavy Materials Like Leather

When packing for warm destinations like the Caribbean, opt for light and breathable clothing to stay comfortable. While leather and heavier fabrics may seem attractive, lighter materials such as linen and cotton are more suitable for hot climates. They not only keep you cool but also ensure you look stylish during your vacation.

Opt for Tankinis

For beachwear, consider investing in a tankini for a trendy and modest look. Tankinis consist of tank tops paired with bikini bottoms or shorts, offering coverage and style. While bikinis remain a popular choice, a tankini provides a chic alternative that is currently trending.

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