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Tommy Hilfiger Champions Holiday Fashion Is The Cozy Warmth Of The Season

Image Source: Cineberg / Shutterstock

The holiday 2023 campaign from Tommy Hilfiger celebrates timeless elegance and exudes the cozy warmth of the season. Captured by photographer Sean Thomas, the advertisement features heartwarming and stylish images.

Lorna McGee’s styling expertise shines through in every frame, presenting a range of outfits that effortlessly combine casual comfort with semi-formal finesse.

Tommy Hilfiger Holiday 2023 Campaign

Stan Taylor, Nuri Son, and Luke Champion front Tommy Hilfiger’s holiday 2023 campaign
An advertising campaign for Tommy Hilfiger’s holiday collection has been captured by photographer Sean Thomas and features models Francisco Henriques, Luke Champion, Mikkel Jensen, Simon Nessman, and Stan Taylor. The campaign presents the brand’s philosophy through looks that blend festive spirits with sartorial sophistication.

The visuals of the ad display a palette of neutrals with pops of vibrant festive red, creating a joyful atmosphere reminiscent of holiday gatherings. Each image depicts the season’s aesthetic, combining the down-to-earth appeal of denim with the luxury of wool.

One of the images shows Simon Nessman exuding confidence and composure in a classic white turtleneck, embodying the clean aesthetic of the collection.The image of Simon Nessman in a clean white turtleneck captures the essence of the campaign, blending comfort with understated elegance perfect for holiday lounging or celebrating the new year.

In another photo, friends like Francisco Henriques and Luke Champion are seen sharing a laugh on the back of a vintage car for the Tommy Hilfiger holiday 2023 campaign. They showcase a mix of cozy knitwear and rugged denim, creating a relaxed holiday chic look that is perfect for snuggling up by the fire or stepping out with confidence.

Mikkel Jensen is dressed in a blazer and an unbuttoned shirt, capturing Tommy Hilfiger’s relaxed yet sophisticated holiday 2023 vibe. Photo: Sean Thomas / Tommy Hilfiger

Mikkel Jensen is showcasing the modern man’s holiday wardrobe, combining tradition and contemporary trends. His casual pinstriped shirt, paired with a blazer and classic denim, is the perfect choice for the season’s events.

Whether it’s a family dinner or a casual meet-up with friends, the campaign demonstrates that Tommy Hilfiger’s offerings are about embodying comfort, joy, and ease, not just looking the part during the holidays.

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Image Source: Cineberg / Shutterstock

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