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Tips To Stay Fashionable While Jetsetting

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Kiselev Andrey Valerevich
Most travel enthusiasts prioritize comfort over aesthetics when choosing clothes for a holiday. After all, wearing tight and restrictive clothing can make a long flight even more unbearable. Moreover, having too many clothes in your luggage can be inconvenient and potentially more expensive when traveling from one place to another. 

Sure, it is easy enough to throw on a reliable pair of sweats before jetting off to your chosen destination. However, dressing up during your vacation can be fun, especially if you intend to meet new people. Looking stylish and put together can also make you more confident while traveling, and boosting self-esteem enables you to trust yourself to make crucial decisions.

Packaging many outfits to look good while you are away is unnecessary. With key pieces and styling hacks, you can travel in style and stay fashionable while jet-setting.

Stick to One Color Palette

Sticking to one clothing color palette allows you to mix and match easily, and it enables you to maximize your wardrobe. The easiest way to do this is to make a three-color clothing palette when choosing clothes for your travels. For instance, if you go with a navy, black, and white palette, you can pack tops, outerwear, jeans, and trousers in these colors, then mix and match to create different outfit combinations. It is a no-fuss way to create outfits that do not clash, and you will look chic and put together every single time.

Consider your travel destination before creating a clothing color palette. For a tropical vacation, go with beige or navy as your base color, then add a neutral, such as black or white, and a fun pastel shade, like melon or sunshine yellow. If you travel to a major city, a neutral palette will work just fine. Then, you can add color with some accessories if you need to add interest to your outfit.

Leave Your High-Maintenance Clothing at Home

The most fashionable jet-setters look effortlessly stylish, and you will never see them looking bothered by their outfit. Therefore, you must leave your high-maintenance clothing home to get that cool and elegant vibe. Do not pack clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned or meticulously ironed to look good.

Instead, opt for no-iron shirts, soft, plain blazers and hoodies, and clothes without much detailing or decor. Remember that a simple hoodie, like the Unisex Sponge Fleece Pullover DTM Hoodie, can look good on its own or be dressed up by layering a coat over it. Also, leave anything with sequins, chains, or rhinestones on it. These can snag or get caught on stuff while you are on the go. You will have clothing with missing bits, which is not a good look when aiming to be a trendy traveler.

Choose Simple and Classic Accessories

Accessories are a must if you want to create a chic outfit. However, do not go overboard when choosing which baubles to bring on your travels. Go with simple and classic pieces – they are easier to style and will look good with all your clothes.

Some things that you should include in your jewelry bag are a pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings for the day and some gold hoops or drop earrings for the night. You will also need a classic watch with a gold, silver, or leather strap and at least three bracelets you can stack together or wear independently. Pick one or two rings and a simple necklace, and you have all the bling you need for your holiday. Never bring your most precious or ostentatious pieces – remember they could get lost or stolen while traveling.

As for shoes, take a look at your wardrobe so you can narrow down your choices. It would be best to remember the activities you plan to do before choosing your footwear. For example, if you are going to New York City and plan to do a lot of walking, you will only need three pairs of shoes for your holiday: a pair of classic sneakers, dressy boots, and some pretty flats or driving shoes. For a beach holiday in the Mediterranean, though, plan on bringing a nice pair of sandals, flip-flops, and espadrilles or canvas sneakers. Lastly, add a pair of sunglasses, a belt, and a scarf, and you are good to go.

Choose the Right Bag

If you are camping or hiking, only use a backpack as your day bag. That look screams “tourist,” so if you want to blend in, you must pick the right bag to bring to your travels. Choose a small sling or shoulder bag in black or chocolate brown leather, and ensure it fits all your essentials. Pick one with a zipper to secure your belongings – you do not want to use a bag that will make it easy for thieves to get your stuff.

You can also bring a reusable cloth bag if you plan to shop while traveling. This bag can also be a beach bag in a pinch, so get a nice, roomy one in plain material. In addition, remember to bring a clutch if you plan to go clubbing or have dinner at a nice restaurant.

Don’t Forget Your Grooming Items

You have put all that effort into creating a nice outfit, so why not complete the whole look by doing your hair and makeup? A simple hairstyle combined with a clean and minimalist makeup look can instantly make you look more stylish and presentable.

You will need a comb and hairbrush, one styling product, some hair ties and pins, and a mini hair curler or straightener. As for cosmetics, bring a tube of medium coverage foundation or skin tint, a small eyeshadow palette, blush, concealer, eyeliner, eyebrow products, translucent powder, and a lipstick or two. You will also need some skin care products to keep your healthy glow. Finally, bring a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm.

Looking your best while traveling can boost your confidence and make your holiday more enjoyable. Consider these tips to look good and feel great while jet-setting, and remember to have fun while you are away!

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