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How To Upscale Your Outfit With A Printed Scarf

One item in the women’s favorite outfit style is a printed scarf. The scarf is a piece of cloth or shawl which wrapped around the neck or shoulders. This simple item turned out to be very powerful to transform a simple look into more chic and fashionable.

What is the Printed Scarf Trend?

Print Scarf or shawl has a lot of models also, and the shape and color are highly variable. There are also unique motifs that would look beautiful if added to your appearance. Actually, how to use the scarf itself fairly freely, can depend on`qq the season or fashion theme for outfits.

How to style a printed scarf for any occasion?

Wearing a scarf or shawl is a fashion item that is somewhat flexible because it can be used in different types of events. Both formal and non-formal, a scarf can be combined and matched with your outfit as a compliment.

Casual Looks

For casual occasions, like just walk you could wear a printed scarf with lively motifs and bright colors. Surely this scarf election still must be adapted to the overall style of your outfit. Try check out the appearance of the beautiful actress Katie Holmes scarft mix and match with skinny jeans and a plain black T-shirt. Although the jeans and T-shirts seem simple, but the use of a scarf can give vivid impression on Katie appearance .

Formal Looks

It is not impossible if you want to wear a printed scarf to go to the office. Scarf can be added in your work outfits. Because the clothes tend to work more simple and plain would be interesting if combined with printed or patterned scarf. You can also choose to wear a scarf with plain colors and contrast. Guaranteed appearance of your work outfit will look fashionable and attractive.

Party Looks

Another case if you want to wear a scarf to go to a party or when you have a date. Printed scarf  also perfect paired with simple formal dress. Cameron Diaz seen wearing a bright red scarf and silk cotton. This beautiful scarf then combined with various midi party dress white and floral. In fact, the more perfect appearance when she wore shoes with bright red color that gives the impression that the maximum section. In addition, it also looks very elegant and harmonious.

Animal printed scarf seems like  leopard. If you wish to use this type of mix with dress with plain black color.

Floral scarf with outfit
Geometrical Pattern Print Scarf

How to use this style is  wrap the scarf from the back of the neck, then pull one end of the scarf to the back. Scarf material suitable for use this style satin or silk.

Leopard printed scarf outfit

For  simple and plain bags can also be combined with a matching scarf. The way is to tie a scarf in one handle of the bag. With a bag so you will look more fashionable.

Lovely printed scarf outfit
Printed scarf fashion style
Printed Scarf Outfit

Apparently, not only scarf or shawl can be worn around the neck or shoulders. Scarf can also be used as a bandanna or belt. Choose a scarf with unique motifs and lit then wear a headdress. Thus, the appearance you are guaranteed a unique and appealing look, especially this very fitting for you.

Image Source: Reviaka Ina / Shutterstock

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