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This Is How You Can Style With Sneakers Wedges With Outfit

Trend with wedge sneakers outfit actually been a trend since 2010, but until now the fashion is always evolving. Comfortable footwear, sneakers are the new ballet flats.

Celebrities fashion with wedge sneakers

Which quickly became the go-to shoe for fashion’s elite, including top editors, models, and celebrities like Beyonce, who rocked a pair in her “Love On Top” music video.

Since then, the humble sneaker’s been reinvented in lively colors and punchy prints, elevating them to must-have status for any cool girl. In fact, a number of trendsetters Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Chloe Moretz, to name a few are wearing sneakers to add a fresh, contemporary flair to their looks. And some K-pop stars wearing those sneakers.

Although high, but flat-soled, so make this shoe comfortable to wear. The model is also not less interesting than ankle boots. Consider some options sneaker wedges that can be your fashion items.

How to style Sneaker Wedges?

Sneaker wedges is fusion type of sneaker shoes (Keds) with the right wedges (right thick). This type of shoe is being sought, because its stylish, trendy, comfortable to wear as well. Because this sounds kind of casual shoes , the unified to pair also more suitable for everyday outfits, not for a party or to the office .

You can try to mix and match the sneaker wedges with skinny pants, leggings, or jeggings. Shape legs will look slender and very appropriate to be paired with sneaker wedges. If you like the feminine looks, can also pair it with  skirt and sneaker wedges. You can choose mini skirt, long skirt of chiffon, asymmetric skirt up.

If you want sneaker wedges are easy to mix and match, you should choose neutral colors, such as white, light brown, beige, or black. But there is no harm in also choose sneaker wedges in bright colors or even patterned, if you are happy to be different.

Image Source: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock

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