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These Are The Fashion Trends That You Should Follow

To be an elegant and classy lady is actually not that hard, there’s no need a lot effort to do. You don’t need branded pieces with fantastic price. You only need something classy, timeless and fit your body. If we’re talking women’s style is unlimited, as there are those who dress girlie, tomboyish, sexy, cool, and many more. This is why how to style our look so important. Because our look will describe yourself for others. But there’s one style that we’re pretty sure everyone’s trying to wear or apply them to themselves. This is to be an elegant lady.

What is an elegant lady?

An elegant lady is a woman who likes to look minimalist by wearing outfit with neutral colors, simple jewelry and natural makeup. Prefer to dress classy by opting for fitted, minimalist styles with flattering silhouettes. Wearing timeless pieces of clothing with expensive-look materials, such as silk blouses and leather bags.

Fashion trend to avoid for an elegant lady

For this reason, we observe trends on social media by fashion bloggers. There are several fashion pieces that elegant lady never wear. If you don’t know, let’s look at the following summary, this may help you to get rid of it.

1. Fake Designer Bag

First, fake designer bag. We know that everyone is obsessed with having a designer bag, but because of the unaffordable price, some people choose to buy fakes on the market. Instead of buying fake products with the unclear quality, it’s better for you to buy an original one with clear and good quality, even if it’s not a luxury brand. Elegant lady should be smart buyer also.

2. Colorful Phone Case

Next is the phone case, as we always carry our phone anywhere and phone case will also be of concern to anyone who pays attention. Especially if you want to be an elegant lady who like minimalist, try to avoid this childish colorful phone cases. It’s only for teenagers.

3. Chunky Sneakers

We have talked about chunky sneakers, for some reason many people like them. In fact, instead of wearing these chunky sneakers, it’s better for us to collect something that is more timeless. For example, choose a collection of casual white sneakers or elegant heels.

4. Text on Clothing

Next is whatever is written on clothes. Whether it’s a T-shirt, pants or jacket. Big text on the outfit will affect our minimalist look. On the contrary, it will look more crowded and not elegant at all. No matter how cool your style is, it’s better to avoid clothes with a lot of text.

5. Written Name Jewelry

Elegant lady should be mysterious. You don’t need to show your real name on your jewelry. Let people wonder than you show your name with jewelry.

6. Something on Trend

Fashion trend is always changing, elegant lady should not always follow the trend, like crop top, fluffy trend or etc. Because the bottom line is that we have a classic wardrobe and a few fashion items are enough to wear.

7. Neon Nail Art

For nail art, we should avoid bold colors and shinier. Like neon, fuchsia or other bold colors that actually make our nails are not elegant at all.

8. A lot of Piercings

This is something that elegant lady should avoid, too much piercing will actually make us look excessive. We should apply a minimalist style and not wear many things on our bodies.

9. Overlining Lips

For makeup, we just take the point. We recommend a natural lipstick style with color that matches our skin tones. Overlining lips or bigger lips should be avoided, because our look will not even elegant at all with the lipstick style on our face.

10. Distressed Jeans

Until now, we never seen influencers with an elegant concept wearing the distressed jeans. Indeed, this should be avoided for fashion styling for elegant ladies. The only pants that elegant lady should wear is something loose with neutral color.

Image Source: indira’s work / Shutterstock

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