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These Are The 5 Best Smartwatch Products You Have Check Out in 2023

Nowadays watches not only used as a timepiece or for any stylish look. As the sophistication of the times, watches are now presented with a variety of mobile phones function properly.

Various electronic brands also seemed to launch competing items commonly called the smartwatch. For you fans of gadgets that are happy to perform urban, we are present the following five choices that could be an option:

1.  Sony Smartwatch 2 SW 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 SW 2 – 5 Best Choices Stylish Smartwatch

Because smartwatch presented with quite a lot of color options and made of series of smartwatches is unique. The colors are offered, including black, yellow, purple, green, pink, and a version of the world cup. This is s the latest innovation from Sony Smartwatch 1 Smart Android watch is also equipped with a waterproof screen, light settings, and NFC technology.

2. Samsung V700 Gear

Samsung V700 Gear

Smart watches are further equipped with a touch screen AMOLED type. Aside from being a timepiece, you can read messages, phoned, photographing, listening to music with voice commands. Multiple color choices that can be tailored to your personality, such as yellow, orange, blue besides neutral colors.

3. Cogito Pop Fashion

Cogito Pop Fashion

As the name implies, smartwatch series of name brand watches is presented for lovers of fashion. Stylish impression is visible on items with a variety of color options and a more slender design. The choice of colors is quite interesting in this series, including a feminine pink and white. The following watches can facilitate users to chat, air-social media, other than waterproof.

4. LG G Watch

LG G Watch

Unlike the other smart watches option that most have a rounded screen, screen smartwatch with an option this time presented a box shape. The design makes the items look more futuristic and looks simple. The following gadgets are also suitable to accompany your workout as it comes with a fitness application.

5. Cookoo 2 SmartWatch Sporty Chic

Cookoo 2 SmartWatch Sporty Chic

For women who love a chic sporty style, this is a smartwatch the right to be an option. Besides interesting in terms of design, sophisticated watch is also equipped with Bluetooth and waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. In addition to white, the color  was dominated by dark shades, such as purple and dark blue.

Image Source: Nanci Santos Iglesias / Shutterstock

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