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The Perfect Occasions For Gifting Ring More Memorable

Life is all about the occasions where we celebrate by giving gifts. A special gift with a symbol of love and value given to those who deserve it. However, the gift options can be overwhelming. When it comes to gifts, there is nothing more special than a ring. What makes this piece of jewelry is the most valuable gift it represents in its entirety. Whether it’s for anniversaries or a once-in-a-lifetime event, gift rings make special moments unforgettable forever.

As well as being a reminder to your special someone how much you adore them, you can also buy a ring for yourself. This can be a ‘self-love’ ring to symbolize a promise to love yourself more or to self-reward. Apart from that, spending money on expensive rings might just be the right choice you need.

Our favorite pick goes to the jewelry brand Shesaidyes which always offers modern and classic ring collections featuring wide range selections for both women and men, which makes it easy to find the perfect ring for someone on your list.

Here are some occasions where you might consider gifting a ring;


The most popular occasion to give someone a ring is probably for an anniversary. While jewelry is traditionally given on the 10th wedding anniversary, there is no reason why it cannot be given on other anniversary milestones. An example of a promise ring, which popular recently because it can be the perfect anniversary rings for her and also symbolizes the lifelong commitment you have towards your partner.


Everyone wants to feel loved on their birthday, and what better way to show that special someone how much you love them than a ring? While there are many options, birthstone jewelry makes a very meaningful birthday gift.

Valentine’s Day

A dazzling 3 stone moissanite ring will make them feel cared, appreciated and loved. Since these rings symbolized for love, affection and commitment, you definitely need to choosing one as a gift for your partner. Not to mention, they are built for long-lasting.

Show her how much you care and love her with a diamond ring that speaks for itself. With a wide selection of designs, feast your eyes on styles ranging from classic and contemporary to sophisticated and modern.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show all the moms in your life how important they are and how much you appreciate them. This jewelry will remind your mother how much she means to you each and every time she wears it.


When celebrate your loved ones when they make progress to the next stage in their life. These could be after a special occasion such as getting a dream job, moving to a new city or getting a promotion for example these mens moissanite rings would be perfect as a congratulation gift.

“Happy Times” Matte Brushed Men’s Wedding Ring

Lastly, Engagement Day!

Sure, we love trend-driven fireworks, but nothing says “we’re engaged!” like a classic engagement ring. Defined by simplicity and sophistication, this ring is classic for a reason: Pear Cut Engagement Ring designs never go out of style.


Founded in 1997, SHE·SAID·YES is a global leader in high end jewelry and have been helping couples create truly magical moments. With a reputation for superior quality, a full range of customized services, and competitive prices they’re also one of the brands that make handcrafted jewelry.

You’ve discovered the person who has took your heart, now let’s find the ring together here!

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