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The Most Common Mistakes Website Owners Make (And How to Avoid Them)

If you want to create a website for your fashion business, or if you want to start selling accessories online then you may be tempted to try and take of the build yourself. After all, this is a fantastic way for you to save money and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to drive traffic through social media channels. That being said, you do have to make sure that you do not make these crucial mistakes. If you do, then you may find that the build of your site is compromised and this is the last thing you need.

Failing to Redirect Old URLS

This is a very common mistake and it is often made when a website is newly launched or when older content is removed.  Whenever you launch a new site, you have to make sure that you perform a lot of 301 redirects so any old URLS can be re-ranked. It can take months for you to get the authority you once had back, so be mindful of this if you can.

Keyword Stuffing

If you incorporate your chosen keyword within your content time and time again then you may think that this will get you ranked. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and it is not how Google works either. If you do this then you may find that you end up damaging your search engine ranking. Search engine algorithms are far more intelligent than they once were and it takes a lot for you to optimise your site. Sure, keywords do have a role to play, but it’s not the only factor you should be taking not account.

Not Using Live Chat

If you are not using live chat, then this is yet another mistake. You have to make sure that you are doing what you can to incorporate it within your site because if you don’t then you may find that you end up losing out on customers. Remember, you can learn more about the best live chat solutions for website online, and when you do you can then feel confident knowing that you are giving your customers the support they are looking for.

Unoriginal Content

This is a huge mistake. If you copy and paste your content from other sources then this will harm your site far more than you realise. You may see on people’s blogs where they copy an article from a famous news site so that they can stay relevant. If you do this, then you may find that your site is penalised and that you lose out on your ranking as a result. Sometimes it’s unavoidable for you to duplicate content, for example, if you have a statement in your footer or if you have a call to action. If you copy and paste large swaths of content however then this will harm your ranking. Always make sure that your content is original and that you are putting in the work to ensure everything is as it should be across your pages.

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