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Stylist-Recommended Jewelry Buying Rules For Luxury Lovers

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

Jewelry is an expensive investment, but luxury lovers are willing to go the extra mile to build an outstanding collection. You spend with the only objective of buying the best pieces, even if it means shelling out a massive sum. Expect your collection to grow into a treasure over the years. But you must avoid going overboard and stick with sensible decisions even while chasing your passion. Thankfully, there are proven ways to do it, provided you are committed to following some rules. Here are stylist-recommended jewelry buying rules for luxury lovers.

Rule #1- Educate yourself

Surprisingly, jewelry shopping is a skill you need to learn with education. Although you need not enroll in formal training, there is much to understand about the purity of precious metals and diamonds. For example, you must know the caratage of gold and 4C’s of diamonds to pick quality pieces without falling for aesthetics. Fortunately, all the information is available online, and some research can take you a long way.

Rule #2- Know the current rates

Another rule you must follow as a jewelry shopper is to know the current rates of precious metals and gemstones before embarking on a shopping spree. The rates of these commodities fluctuate, so you must follow them in real-time. Although your jeweler will provide the real-time rates while billing, knowing them beforehand always makes sense. You can check them online in a few clicks.

Rule #3- Personalize your collection

If you are a discerning buyer, personalization is for you. After all, your collection should replicate your personal style. The good thing is that you can order Luxury custom jewelry instead of picking ready pieces. You can opt for a metal, gemstone, and design you love and invest in the perfect pieces of your dreams. But remember to find a designer with excellent skills and experience in customization.

Rule #4- Stick with a reputed seller

This one is a no-brainer because you can rest assured about purity, quality, and value for money by choosing a reputed seller. Whether you buy ready pieces or custom ones, look for a seller you can trust. Checking the online review helps, specifically when buying for the first time. Ensure they sell hallmarked gold and certified diamonds because they are tested for purity. You need not be a genius for choosing the right seller, just follow these basics and trust your instincts!

Rule #5- Compare prices

Although luxury buyers seldom have qualms about spending big on jewelry, being money-savvy is a sensible decision. You can do it by comparing prices before sealing the deal. Shop around, and you may find a similar piece at a lesser price at another store. The same goes for custom pieces, so steer clear of the myth that they cost more than ready ones. You can actually get one within your budget by switching metals and stones.

Following these simple rules can help you make the most of your luxury collection as you build it over the years. Remember to use common sense and avoid jumping at every second piece you like. Stick with timeless trends you can wear for life and bequeath as heirlooms.

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