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Restoring Antique and Wooden Furniture from Water Damage


While Sydney generally enjoys sunny weather, there are occasions when the city faces intense tropical cyclones leading to flash flooding. Moreover, residents might encounter basement flooding due to water pipe leaks. In such situations, a considerable amount of furniture may sustain water damage. Luckily, there are proficient shops specializing in furniture repairs in Sydney that can effectively manage and restore water-damaged furniture.

Underlying Causes of Water-Damaged Furniture

Wooden furniture can be exposed to water due to various reasons like cyclones causing flooding, leaks from roofs or water pipes, or even water reaching furniture during fire suppression. Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to promptly initiate a restoration plan for wooden furniture, especially antiques.

Effects of Water Damage on Furniture

Wooden antique furniture is vulnerable to damage upon prolonged exposure to moisture or water submersion. Notably, surface molds can harm the leather upholstery of water-soaked sofas. Additionally, the finish on wooden parts may get stained, joints’ adhesive weakens, leading to structural instability, and wood components could deform owing to water damage.

Importance of Immediate Repairs

Timely action is critical for water-soaked antique wooden furniture. When seeking Furniture repairs in Sydney, experts will evaluate the repair needs considering:

  • Extent of Water Damage. To what degree was the furniture exposed to water? Prolonged exposure might cause warping in the wooden components, necessitating a thorough assessment for repair feasibility.
  • Cost Comparison. If repair costs exceed the furniture’s value, replacing it might be more practical. However, sentimental value attached to the damaged furniture can justify investing in its restoration.
  • Material of Furniture.Antique wooden furniture restoration is usually viable, yet veneered furniture damaged by water may not warrant the restoration expenses. Veneered items are replaceable and less costly.
  • Urgency. Restoring water-damaged wooden furniture requires prompt action. The drying process should be gradual to prevent warping or deformation. Sun exposure for drying should be avoided to prevent adverse effects on the wood.
  • Furniture Components. Drawers and doors must undergo slow drying to prevent expansion-related issues like sticking due to water absorption.

Restoring antique wooden furniture post-water damage may entail certain compromises, such as irreparable original parts affecting the value. However, opt for specialized furniture repair shops in Sydney proficient in restoring water-damaged furniture.

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