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Promises Behind Promise Rings

Promise rings as opposed to the engagement rings tend to be quite simpler and sleeker in designs as far as the physical appearance of the rings is considered. However, when it comes to the use of promise rings, the multiple uses associated with promise rings might seem quite confusing to people. Questions regarding the purpose, meaning and the promises they are usually associated with are a cause of bewilderment to many couples. Thus, we have compiled the relevant information from various experts to shed some light on these pre-engagement rings and the many promises they are often used for.

What is a Promise Ring?

Promise rings are often known as pre-engagement rings among couples to bring significance to their commitment. Although, for some it might mean to commit to a promise of upcoming engagement, it can also mean to show their seriousness to the relation by offering a promise ring as a sign of their loyalty and devotion. However, as each love story is unique in itself, so is each couple and hence the meaning behind the exchange of such rings might be different for different couples and the promises that come with them.

When is a Promise Ring Given?

Promise rings are quite different from engagement and wedding rings that have a specific occasion to commemorate with. But these rings must not be undermined since they don’t have any specific occasion tied to them, instead promise rings should be cherished for conveniently giving meaning to any occasion small or big. 

However, this goes without saying that a promise must be given to your beloved after you both have dated for significant meaningful span of time. That way, you will be able to gather her attention to the seriousness of your promise regarding your relationship.

Which finger is a Promise Ring worn on?

The choice of wearing a promise ring is totally subjective as per the preferences of your beloved. However, the two most popular choices out of the various combinations are the middle finger of left hand and the ring finger of the right hand. Thus, while promise rings don’t have a specific finger like is the case with an engagement ring, meaning it can simply be worn on any finger and however you feel like it.

Sometimes, promise rings are also put on a chain and worn around neck as per the convenience of many women.

What does a Promise Ring look like?

When it comes to choosing the ring style or the designs that might be perfect for promise rings, then you must know that there aren’t any set rules or requirements in this regard. Some of the popular promise ring styles adored by women across the globe might include the solitaire featuring heart cut diamond or other colored gemstones, knot style rings or promise rings with the symbol of infinity to bear witness to the union of two souls. 

Thus, while engagement rings carry more sacred significance with them, the promise rings are often bought and exchanged as per the personal fashion preferences of your beloved.

How much one should spend on a Promise Ring?

Promise rings are usually exchanged while your relationship is in maturing phase and are a possible indication of increased seriousness in the relationship. However, the ring is still offered to your better-half while you both are pretty much young, thus keeping you budget low for promise rings is a smart choice. While engagement rings follow the 2-month salary rule, buying a promise ring for him and her has no such predetermined rules. Thus you can choose fantastic promise ring styles falling well within a budget of $199 to $599 will pretty help you get your hands on the perfect ring for your promise of love.

What other promises are usually associated with Promise Rings?

A promise ring doesn’t always need to be exchanged as a means of promise of love and commitment between couples, it can also be a talisman of promise between family and friends. It is more like a promise between the giver and the wearer and thus decide the intended meaning behind such rings.

Among Lovers – Between lovers, promise rings are often cherished as a pre-engagement ring to symbolize commitment and devotion to each other as a couple.

Among Friends – Promise rings exchanged between friends might mean a promise to always be there for one another no matter where they are at any point in their lives.

Wait For Me – Promise rings are also shared in case two lovers are being separated from each other for a considerable period of time. It usually signifies their love and commitment to wait for each other.

Between Parent & Child – A promise ring given by a parent to a child might mean many things. Besides a symbol of love, it can be given to motivate the child to embark on a new journey of his or her life.

We hope that the above mentioned information on Promise Rings might have brought some clarification on the topic of various terms associated with the meaning, use and other attributes revolving around promise rings. It might help to disperse some clouds of confusion over the concept of promise rings for women.

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