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Melody Law Shares About Her Fresh Jewellery Brand

Melody Law at the 2022 Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival in Beverly Hills

Melody Law, a thriving model and businesswoman, recently introduced her captivating jewellery brand, Melody Law Jewellery. We had the opportunity to discuss her new venture with Melody and glean some insights on choosing the perfect jewellery for various occasions.

Share with us what motivated you to launch Melody Law Jewellery?

Melody: I’ve always had a passion for fashion and enjoy showcasing jewellery to friends, offering style tips, and helping with outfit coordination. Over time, I’ve encountered individuals struggling to pair their attire with statement jewellery pieces, resulting in these cherished items languishing in their boxes. I find it disheartening that they don’t flaunt what they love and feel great wearing. I aspire to provide fashion guidance and instill confidence in individuals to embrace accessorizing with jewellery. Through the creation of Melody Law’s fine jewellery line, my goal is to share my love for jewellery and fashion, spreading beauty worldwide and inspiring self-love.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law in Bel Air

What valuable advice do you offer when selecting jewellery?

Melody: Opt for pieces that captivate you instantly and maintain a variety of styles and colors in your collection to ensure wearing opportunities!

When deciding what to wear, consider the occasion – formal or casual. Next, coordinate with your outfit, ensuring the colors complement your skin tone and physique. Lastly, embrace your unique style with comfort and confidence.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand

What is your preferred choice of jewellery?

Melody: Earrings hold a special place for me – they elevate any ensemble. I opt for single diamond earrings on makeup-free days or during casual activities. For dates or red carpet events, I favor statement pieces or lengthy drop earrings.

What jewellery complements an LA Lunch?

Melody: Your choice should align with the venue and attire. Each person has their unique beauty and taste. For upscale locations like Ivy, Soho House, and The Beverly Wilshire Garden Bar, opt for a sophisticated look. For casual settings like Urth Café, The W Hotel Pool, and The Grove, a relaxed and playful style is fitting.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills

What would you wear to a New York Gala?

Melody: My outfit for the gala is undecided, but I may opt for elegant long drop gold earrings for a chic and classy touch.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Melody: I enjoy watching comedy films on various streaming platforms.

Are there any podcasts you are listening to?

Melody: At present, I’m engrossed in “Eckhart Tolle – Essential Teaching” on Spotify. I deeply admire Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and find solace in his books “Power of Now” and “The New Earth.”

Where can we find your jewellery shop?


IG: @melodylaws_jewellery

May it enhance your self-confidence and imbue you with a sense of empowerment.

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