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Jacquemus Brings Vacation Vibes to Summer 2023 Campaign

Jacquemus invites you to embark on a sun-soaked journey with its spring-summer 2023 campaign, a celebration of the carefree spirit of vacation season. Picture yourself on sandy shores, feeling the warm breeze caress your skin as you revel in the luxurious yet laid-back ambiance that this collection embodies.

In this mesmerizing visual tale, the stunning Vittoria Ceretti takes center stage, effortlessly embodying the essence of summer elegance. Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch captures every look, ensuring that each image is a window into a world of refined beauty and relaxation.

Jacquemus Summer 2023 Campaign

It’s worth mentioning that Jacquemus has a penchant for attracting exceptional talents. In previous campaigns, the likes of Sydney Sweeney and Kendall Jenner have graced the brand with their presence, further solidifying its reputation as a top French designer brand.

Immerse yourself in the Jacquemus summer 2023 color palette that harmoniously blends soothing neutrals—such as pristine white, timeless beige, and classic black—with bursts of vibrant yellow. It’s a striking combination that mirrors the sun’s radiant energy and infuses the collection with a touch of playful optimism.

Explore the carefully curated ensembles that exude an unmistakable French chicness. Imagine adorning yourself with an asymmetric twisted bandeau top, perfectly paired with a matching skirt set, evoking a sense of effortless sophistication.

Or perhaps envision yourself in a blazer dress with a cinched waist, effortlessly commanding attention with its sleek lines and timeless allure.

No ensemble is complete without the perfect accessories, and Jacquemus understands this. The iconic miniature bags, a true symbol of the brand’s ingenuity, find their ideal companions in wide-brimmed sun hats and retro-inspired sunglasses all styled by Ursina Gysi.


Image: andersphoto/Shutterstock

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