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How to Style a Hooded Leather Jacket?

Do you want to look like a hunk and be a minimalist simultaneously?

Worried about what to pair it up with?

A hooded leather jacket is one of men’s most popular fashion items. It is something that men like to wear in their casual outfits. A leather jacket would add a class. It owns a swag of its own, and once you have it on, you will try to look your best.

Leather Jacket and Their Oomph!

Leather jackets are a forever fashion item that always makes you look desirable. It is a layering piece that is especially used during the colder months, and even spring and summer depending upon the lining and type of leather used. If you are planning to invest in apparel that would last longer, a leather jacket is definitely the right choice to make.

Fashion is choosing the right colors, patterns, and accessories to complete a look. You need to make accurate pairing decisions while choosing to wear a hooded leather jacket.

It is always a smart idea to opt for accessories, scarves, chains or anything that could add more detail to the look that you want. Many men own a hooded leather jacket but are uncomfortable wearing it. It is because they are unsure how to style it. We highly recommend going for a custom leather jacket as the right fit of the jacket and perfectly portrayed personal style is the first step towards looking great.

Let’s check out different styling ideas for the hooded jacket.

1.   Casual Look with Sweatpants and Sweatshirt

Who does not like to hang around in casual clothes and still look put together?

Men crave a look that would allow them to be them and give off swanky vibes with minimal effort. Every man has sweatpants and sweatshirts in his wardrobe. Layer up your leather jacket over them to rock the street style. This is the most easy-going look you can carry if you plan to hang out with your friends or go out for dinner.

For a complete look, you must coordinate the colour of your sweatshirt with your jacket. If you plan to wear a grey sweatshirt, you can choose a black or dark blue colored leather jacket. Put on your converse shoes and tadaaa!

You are ready within a few minutes and guess what? This look is never getting out of fashion. Use your hooded leather jacket and sweatshirts for years in the winter to stay cozy and warm.

2.   Simple Jeans

A pair of jeans is always classy. You can wear anything under the leather jacket depending on the weather with your jeans. The outfit is comfortable and stylish enough to go for dinner or catch your friend out at night.

If you are headed for a night party, choose a red leather jacket with black jeans. The red will pop up your look and enhance your personality. Add a pair of sneakers with a chain on your neck to create a hip hop inspired look.

If you plan to go on a dinner that has to be a bit formal, grab a turtleneck t-shirt. Layer it up with your leather jacket and flaunt the look with panache. Choose tones of grey and white to make it elegant.

You look cool and sassy with all that you have in your wardrobe. Add a touch of glamour with a custom leather jacket and your comfy jeans!

3.   Spruced Up Look

One of the best ways to wear a hooded leather jacket is to wear it with a button-down shirt. Buttoned shirts are classy and help you pull off a sophisticated look.

For a dapper look, the buttoned shirt is always a man’s first choice. Choose among the best variety of shirts in your wardrobe, with this sassy layering piece on the top and of course, and you can not forget your trendy timepiece from your collection.

Amp your style game with your leather jacket ensemble and create an attention-grabbing look. Add a pair of sunglasses for a finishing touch. Channel your inner Tom Cruise, and all eyes will be on you!

4.   Monochromatic Look

The monochrome look is always infallible. Choose shades from a single colour for your shirt/t-shirt, jeans and hooded leather jacket. Imagine the all-black look which every man desires for. Black is sexy and has a class of its own. Put your hood on and rock the street style fashion like a pro.

You can choose a sweater underneath your hooded leather jacket if the weather is very chilly. This will keep you warm and let you enjoy the weather. The hood in the jacket would keep your head and neck warm.

Be confident and bold with your look. Choose blue, black, or red for your monochrome outfit with the hooded jacket; it’s up to you.

5.   Ride in Style

If you are a person who loves adventures and riding, go for the perfect sporty look. If you are up for bike rides, there is nothing better than opting for a hooded leather jacket. You may feel cold and breezy, but the hood will help you stay warm. Moreover, leather is an insulating material that is mostly used in winter.

Grab a dark-colored leather jacket with leather pants or jeans. Put on boots, and you are ready to bang your ride. Leather jackets and bike rides are synonymous. They make a perfect combination and a style statement.

Stand out in a crowd by the perfect hero looks while riding. You ought to look handsome and dashing!


To conclude, it can be said that hooded leather jackets have several advantages over making you look smart and sexy. These hooded jackets are great for keeping you warm and cozy. The hood in the jacket is a shelter for your neck and head that keeps you away from the chilly/ cold weather. Not only this, but these jackets are also versatile. They are perfect for every occasion.

A leather hooded jacket covers you if you are headed to a party, walking around the streets or going to formal dinner. They look great with a number of your wardrobe staples.

Revamp your wardrobes and create a style quotient with hooded leather jackets. These are necessary items that must be present in every man’s closet. If you still do not own it, find one that best suits your personality. Be bold and confident, and rock the fashion like a true dapper.

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