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How to Plan the Perfect Weekend with Friends

Spending time with friends has always been important, as it’s how you maintain these relationships that give you a good opportunity to get support when you’re having a tough time or have a great time and make wonderful memories together. However, life can get in the way sometimes, particularly if you or your friends have demanding careers, families, or other commitments that take up a lot of their time.

In these circumstances, you might only see your friends a few times a year, especially if you don’t live in the same area. If this does sound familiar to you, perhaps planning a weekend trip away with each other could be the perfect solution? Below are some tips to help you plan for a getaway like this.

Agree on a Budget

Weekend trips don’t have to be expensive, but they cost money all the same. It’s important to agree on a budget between the group so that everyone can make the trip and not have to worry about their finances. If you are in charge of organizing the trip, perhaps ask people privately about how much they can afford to spend, as not everyone will feel comfortable sharing their ideal budget with the group.

Where Are You Staying?

You might have decided to host your friends for the weekend at your house, which is great for a budget-friendly weekend. However, if your home is not big enough for the crowd or you have all decided that you need a change of scene, you’ll need to find accommodation somewhere. There are plenty of websites that can help you find deals on hotel rooms that might be worth looking at, or you could consider private apartments and houses for vacation rental. The latter can be more comfortable for a bigger group, but it will depend on everyone’s preference. Either way, make sure that your accommodation is easy to get to and as central as possible to the town or city you’re staying in to make it easier for you all to explore.


Spending quality time together is the main reason for this weekend trip, but you don’t all want to be stuck in your hotel or vacation home all the time. Going out for dinner and drinks might be on the agenda, but think about other ways you can entertain yourselves to make the experience even more special. For example, going to the theater or a concert. You can get tickets easily online; check out this Box Office Ticket Sales Reviews to see how simple it is to find entertainment near where you’re staying. If this doesn’t sound right for your group, perhaps something more challenging like exploring a hiking trail or doing some other outdoorsy sport in the countryside is a better fit? Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have something to get you all out of the house and keep you all entertained over the weekend.

Spending time with your friends is important, but it’s not uncommon to go months without seeing some of them if you’re not living nearby or dealing with other responsibilities in your life. However, make sure that you make an effort to see each other, and perhaps ask if they are interested in planning a weekend trip to catch up.

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