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How to Design a Gorgeous Courtyard Garden

Having a private outside space attached to your home is an incredibly desirable feature, and even if you don’t have a big lawn and lots of flowerbeds, a cute courtyard garden can be just as nice. You will often find these attached to terraced houses or even some small cottages, and although this space might not feel very big, you can still do a lot to transform it into a beautiful outdoor space. If you have a courtyard garden that you would like to upgrade, here are some design tips to keep in mind.

Planters on Walls

Being surrounded by lush plant life can do a lot to boost your mood and calm your mind, but if you have limited floor space in your courtyard garden, you won’t necessarily want to fill it with pots and planters. However, you can get specials planters that can be fixed onto your garden walls, and this is certainly something to consider if you want to enjoy fresh blooms without feeling claustrophobic in your garden. If your garden sees more shade than sunlight, you can still introduce plenty of greenery, as many plants thrive in the shade.

Paint the Garden Walls

Another way you can add some vibrance to your courtyard garden is by painting the garden walls. If your garden is on the smaller side, this job shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but it can make a huge difference to how your garden looks. Lighter colors like whites or pale blues can give a Mediterranean vibe as well as help your garden feel a little bigger. For a truly special and unique finish, think about getting some custom stencils made so that you can paint a cool pattern or words from a quote on your garden walls.

Pick Bistro Garden Furniture

It’s always pleasant to have some comfortable seating in your garden, but with a courtyard-sized one, you’re unlikely to have the space for a big, six-seater dining table. Bistro garden furniture could be the better choice for you, and it will give you more room for other items such as a BBQ, plant pots, artwork, etc. Alternatively, you could get a fold-away table and chairs for your garden and store them in your basement or attic in the winter months if this is preferable.


If you like to sit outside on summer evenings even after the sun has gone down, you will need adequate lighting for you and your guests to see. String lights can always look pleasant in a garden and create a magical atmosphere. You can get solar-powered ones so that you don’t have to worry about plugging them in an interior socket and wrap them around a trellis for the best effect. Alternatively, you can put candles outside in holders that are designed for gardens for a more romantic feel. Installing a security light is also a good idea, as although it might not be very atmospheric, it can help you stay safe and see clearly in the garden at night. Or you may consider installing an electronic security system like vivint smart home.

If you have a small courtyard garden that you would like to make the most of, use these design tips to transform it this summer.

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