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How to Create Stunning Jewellery by Combining Different Gemstones

Customizing your jewellery allows you to combine assorted gemstones and unleash creativity to the fullest.

When selecting gemstones, ensuring they harmonize with each other in your jewelry design is crucial. Whether you prefer a bold or more subtle look, choose gem colors thoughtfully. Here are some color combinations to inspire you in crafting exquisite and appealing pieces of jewelry.

Image Source: Freepik

Opt for Complementary Gemstone Colors

Some colors naturally complement each other, making them ideal choices for gemstone pairings. The following color combinations are popular selections in handmade jewellery:

  • Purple & Yellow: Pair purple amethyst with yellow citrine for a striking and attention-grabbing combination.
  • Red & Green: Combine red rubies with green emeralds for a festive and visually appealing blend.
  • Orange & Blue: Opt for blue sapphires and various orange gems like diamonds, topaz, citrine, and spinel for a dynamic duo.

In addition to complementary colors, you can also consider analogous colors for your jewelry pieces.

Explore Analogous Gemstone Colors

Adjacent colors on the color wheel can also be paired together to create stunning jewelry pieces. Consider these analogous gemstone color combinations:

  • Red & Orange: Blend the richness of rubies with the warmth of citrine for vibrant jewelry designs.
  • Green & Blue: Combine emeralds and sapphires for a fresh and elegant look.
  • Blue & Purple: Create a royal feel by using blue sapphires with purple gems like amethyst, spinel, and diamonds.

Refer to a color wheel to find complementary shades and experiment with different combinations to craft unique and stunning jewelry pieces.

Monochromatic Gemstone Palettes

Combining Gemstones In Jewellery That Match Well Together
Image Source: Unsplash

For a cohesive look, opt for a monochromatic color scheme and combine different gem types within the same color family. For instance:

If you choose blue, you can use a variety of gems like topaz, sapphires, tanzanite, or aquamarine. Green enthusiasts can combine emeralds and peridot, while red lovers may opt for rubies, garnet, or pink tourmaline.

These color suggestions are just the beginning. Collaborate with your jeweler to craft a unique and visually stunning piece of jewellery that reflects your personal style, ensuring it catches the eye of those around you.

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