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How to be More Creative as a Fashion Designer

Being a fashion designer makes you a creative person by default. The ability to turn ideas, sketches, and illustrations into real-world objects in the form of clothes is a creative process. Sometimes though, you might start to feel not as creative as you would like to be. That is totally normal and okay. Creativity is like a muscle; it needs to be constantly fed and strengthened, and in this article, we share ways to become more creative as a fashion designer.

Clear your mind

It is impossible to be creative if you are thinking about a million other things. Worry, fatigue, stress, and negative thoughts interfere with the creative functioning of your mind. To be creative, you will need to let go of all these feelings and emotions and just relax. You can clear your mind by exercising, journaling, listening to music, or meditating.

Always look for inspiration

Looking for inspiration is an essential facet of creativity. Inspiration comes when you observe and look at other people’s work in and out of your industry. By creating a mood board, you can collect thoughts, ideas, and color schemes in one place and define a coherent design concept. All you need to do is find an unequaled mood board generator to illustrate your ideas. Remember to design the boards in your style and convey your vision through it.

Feedback is key

The importance of feedback in any industry cannot be stressed enough. Regular, critical feedback enables you to see the shortcoming in your choices and explore new ideas and perspectives. In essence, feedback makes you a better fashion designer. While you might have a design eye, a third-party opinion can help you with the small details and turn your design into a masterpiece.


Keep in mind not all feedback is good. Design is subjective, don’t just ask anyone for feedback. Seek feedback from seasoned players who can differentiate personal preferences and things that can be improved upon.


Did you know that sometimes all you need to boost your creativity is just observing? Keenly observing the world around you can birth fresh and unique ideas. As you walk or travel, be aware of your surroundings. Look at the buildings, the clothes worn, patterns, the textures, and the general vibe. You will be surprised what ideas you can get from simply observing.

Get organized

Whether it is keeping track of an ever-changing to-do list or scheduling every minute of your day, it is crucial that you stay organized as a fashion designer. Imagine trying to sketch after an inspiration, and there is a pile of papers on your desk? Impossible right? Disorganization doesn’t go well with creativity. Do whatever you have to do to get organized. Clean your desk, manage your files and have a working system. You can also make good use of apps such as Ever note, Google calendar, or Trello to stay organized.

Learn from your mistakes

Being a successful fashion designer will mean making mistakes once in a while. Mistakes are part of life; they help us learn and better our lives. Common mistakes fashion designers make include not knowing how to balance profit and passion, not knowing their target markets, bad pricing, working with the wrong people, etc. While some mistakes cannot be avoided, you should learn how to mitigate them. Pick lessons from mistakes made, and use them to better your business.

Final thoughts

Being more creative is a skill set you can use to succeed in the fashion business. The tips discussed above should help achieve just that.

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