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How to Achieve Wednesday Addams’ Iconic Style

With the recent release of the Netflix series “Wednesday” starring Jenna Ortega, fans have been captivated by the gothic and enigmatic look of Wednesday Addams. The key elements of her style include a large white collar and cuffs, a black floral shirt with tight button details, and slightly puffy sleeves. This classic gothic trend has made a resurgence on red carpets and street fashion, inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide to incorporate Wednesday’s iconic looks into their own wardrobes.

If you’re seeking to embrace this modern interpretation of Wednesday’s style, consider the following styling tips:

Gothic Makeup

If you want to emulate Wednesday’s gothic makeup, here are some tips to help you achieve her signature look.

#Eye Makeup

Emphasize your eyes to create a captivating and bold look similar to Wednesday Addams.

#Face Makeup

To capture the essence of Tim Burton’s signature aesthetic seen in his movies, opt for a light and pale base makeup that accentuates your features.

#Lip Makeup

To recreate Wednesday’s plum-brown lips, consider using a dark lip liner mixed with a clear balm for a striking yet sophisticated look.


For an easy and versatile hairstyle reminiscent of Wednesday Addams, part your hair down the middle, braid each side above the ears, and let the braids frame your face for an iconic look.

Vintage Black Dress

Capture Wednesday Addams’ style with a custom-made long-sleeved maxi dress featuring black floral patterns.


Complete your look with a black leather backpack from the Cambridge Satchel Company for a touch of practical elegance.

Black Ruffle Chiffon Gown

Channel Wednesday’s sophisticated side by opting for a black ruffled chiffon sleeveless dress with vintage-inspired details for formal events.

Black Cropped Jacket

Add a stylish edge to your outfit with a black double-breasted cropped jacket, perfect for adding a modern twist to your ensemble.

Image Source: Netflix

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