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Guide to Help You Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

For some individuals, particularly those new to wearing glasses, it can be challenging to feel comfortable and confident with their new appearance. Sensations like something stuck on the nose or looking different in the mirror can be unsettling when starting to wear glasses.

Choosing suitable eyewear is crucial. While there are many tips available online, it’s essential to focus on key points when selecting glasses or stylish sunglasses that enhance your facial features effectively.

There are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect glasses for you:

Choose Your Style

The first step is selecting the style of glasses that aligns with your preferences. If you feel self-conscious about wearing glasses, consider adjusting to your character in two ways:

– Younger-Looking Style

Opt for round lens frames to achieve a youthful appearance with a curved outline and lighter visual weight.

– Elegant Style

For a more formal and mature look, choose glasses with a thicker frame to exude chic and elegance. Avoid flat and broader frames that can make you appear older.

Match with Your Face Shape

Consider these factors when choosing glasses that complement your face shape:

  • Frame size and shape
  • Account for the magnifying effect, where stronger lenses can appear thicker and affect eye size
  • When trying on optical glasses, do so without makeup and with soft lenses

By choosing glasses that suit your face shape, you can boost your self-confidence and enhance your attractiveness. Here are simple tips to follow:

1. Opt for a Smaller Lens Frame

To prevent face shape distortions, choose a lens frame slightly smaller than your face. Alternatively, if you prefer larger frames, opt for thicker rims to minimize the lens effect.

2. Consider Upper Rim Style

Choosing oval prescription glasses with a higher upper rim can create a larger head appearance. Pick a thicker upper frame to enhance your eye area and make your eyes stand out.

3. Select Frame Shapes Contrary to Your Face

Choosing frames opposite to your face shape can help balance your features. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Oval/Round/Cat-Eye Glasses: Ideal for square or diamond face shapes, angular frames accentuate facial contours.
Sigrid Cat Eye Black Glasses
  • Rectangular Glasses: Suited for round faces to create a slimmer appearance.
Daydream Rectangle Pink Glasses

Frame Color Choice

Frame colors play a significant role in your visual aesthetics. Darker frames offer a formal look, while metallic or tortoiseshell frames highlight facial features. For a vast collection of fashionable eyeglasses, consider visiting our recommended store, AOOLIA, offering quality, modern design glasses at affordable prices with fast delivery services.

Image Source: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock

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