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4 Interesting Facts About Wedding Ring On The Left Ring Finger

Not only to make it a compliment to our look, every ring on our finger could be a symbol of various things such as marriage, wealth, association, and others. Among the many types of bridal set, the ring on the left ring finger is often a special concern for many people. One of them is that the important wedding ring worn on the left ring finger can make you get more about its meaning and strength and also have an interesting historical story behind them.

Story Behind Ring On The Left Ring Finger

“The Blooming Rose” Round Cut Bridal Set

Did you know the ring on the left ring finger has many meanings and beliefs associated with the heart and affection. One of them may represent the different aspects of a relationship: marital status, betrothal, chastity or promise.

The wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger to symbolise the marriage’s commitment. And also if an engagement ring is worn on this finger it’s a symbol of getting married. It’s no wonder that many people choose to wear their wedding ring on their left ring finger as a sign of respect or as a symbol of their relationship.

Interesting Facts About Wedding Ring on the Left Ring Finger

Some people make it special concern and there are some interesting facts about wedding ring on the left ring finger that many people may not know:

1. Symbol of Love and Loyalty

“You’re Magical” Heart Cut Side Stone Engagement Ring

It was popular since Ancient Egypt, wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger was believed to be a symbol of love and loyalty. Also since the 2nd century, wearing a ring on the left ring finger became a symbol of marriage.

2. True Meaning Of Power

“Swirling Around My Heart” Heart Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

If one of the most common meanings is as a symbol of marriage. If you’re wearing a heart wedding ring on the left ring finger and you’re married this is a sign of loyalty and marital bond. In addition, in some cultures, the ring on the left ring finger is also considered a symbol of power or social status.

3. Types of rings on the left ring finger

·  Wedding rings; usually made of gold or silver and are worn by married couples as a sign of fidelity and marital bond.

“Sweet On You” Classic Wedding Ring

·  Engagement ring; sign that someone is already in a serious relationship and is ready to get married.

“Never Tear Us Apart” Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

·  Birth ring:  with a birthstone that corresponds to the month of birth that a person was born in.

“My World” Stackable Dainty Ring

·  Fashion ring: usually unique design and become a trend in the fashion world and you can pair them with cute necklaces.

“The Light of My Life” Round Cut Necklace

4. Treatment For Wedding Ring On The Left Ringer

Usually it requires special treatment to keep it looking beautiful and shining. It’s best to keep the ring clean by washing it diligently with dish soap and warm water, then drying it with a soft cloth. Avoid wearing wedding rings when doing rough activities, such as playing sports or cleaning the house.

Those are interesting facts about the wedding ring on the left ring finger that you need to know. By having several meanings and becoming a trend in the world of jewelry. Keep it mind, you should choose a ring that suits your personality and needs, and take good care of it so that it continues to shine perfectly. The beautiful collection above is our choice from Shesaidyes who always provides jewelry with unique and modern design, especially for engagement and wedding rings. Browse their collection and get them for you now!

Image Source: KirylV / Shutterstock

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