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Everything You Need To Know About Korean Ulzzang

Korean fashion and makeup looks immediately became popular around the world. One of the most viral now is the hype of ulzzang korean style.

Heads up, here are Everything You Need To Know About Korean Ulzzang;

What is Ulzzang mean?

Ulzzang is a one of popular terms from South Korea to refer to people who have perfect faces or we can call it as; good-looking. Anyone who have ulzzang look “status” is usually photogenic and quite popular. No wonder if these ulzzang looks become Korean look standards.

Ulzzang’s facts

Initially used for a beauty contest on social media. Since then, this term has been used to refer girl to with good-looking faces in cyberspace.

Unlike other celebrities or actors who are known to have charm looks, “Ulzzang” is generally used for ordinary people.

1. Been popular since the late 90s

The term started to become popular in Korea in the late 1990s. Precisely, when the social networking site like Cyworld and digital camera started being so popular.

2. Starting from 3 high school girls

The earliest began from three high school girls who became known as the Ulzzang Eun-Kwang Trio. The name Eun-Kwang is taken from the name of the school where they studied. Since then, the term has grown in popularity.

3. It’s easier to get offers to become artists

Usually, people who have earned the title of charming in this virtual world, will receive offers to become artists or have a career in the modeling world.

Ulzzang Fashion

Almost the same as the Harajuku trend from Japan, their fashion also has its own characteristics.

Mini Dresses:  Ulzzangs wear mini clothes on purpose, because they want to look cute and get the slimmer look. Usually with cute poses when sharing OOTD on social media.

High Waisted Jeans and Baby Shirts: If not wearing a mini dress, an Ulzzang usually has high-waist jeans with a baby shirt. The combination of these two outfit pieces can also show a slimmer body and a cute look.

Different Color Shades: Pastel colors, earth tones and monochrome are usually most popular for Ulzzang. They also prefer to wear plain clothes with unique details, like ruffles etc.

Ulzzang Makeup

Next, what is need to be considered to be an ulzzang is all about makeup look.  Here are some makeup tips:

1. Cushion foundation

Ulzzang trend prefer using a cushion foundation as make your face look more naturally flawless and glowing look.

2. Eyebrow mascara

You can use eyebrow mascara to make your eyebrows look shape but still look natural. We don’t need to drawing our eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil, especially if our eyebrows are already thick. All we have to do is apply eyebrow mascara to cover up the gaps in our eyebrows.

3. Don’t forget the highlighter

The Korean ulzzang style always features highlighter applications under the eyes, on the eyelids, and on the cheekbones, as well as on the bridge of the nose to make the face look more naturally dewy.

4. Liquid/gel liner for bigger eye look

This look keeps our eyes open without overdoing it. For the type of eyeliner, we can choose liquid or gel liner according to our ability and mood.

5. Mascara

The use of mascara in Korean ulzzang makeup is of course very important, because Korean ulzzang is usually focus on perfecting the eyes. Ulzzang likes to use thick mascara so that the lashes look curled, but natural.

6. Don’t skip the blush on

Ulzzang makeup is always similar with an innocent or cute face, so don’t ever forget to blush really helps your face look pretty blush like Korean ulzzang.

7. Ombre lips

The ombre lips look is the main key of Korean ulzzangs. How to use ombre lips is also very easy, just apply concealer to all parts of the lips, after that use a lipmate on the outer lip area, try to make your lipmate nude. Then lastly you apply a cherry red lip tint on the inner lips. That way, we can get a beautiful ombre lips look.

Image Source: metamorworks / Shutterstock

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