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Essential Tips for Mixing Prints

Bekky Bekks / Unsplash

Fashion rules have evolved over the years, and what was once considered a fashion faux pas is now trendy and stylish. Mixing prints and patterns has become a popular trend seen on runways, in magazines, and in everyday attire, breaking the traditional style norms.

Here are some tips to help you confidently mix prints like a fashion pro:

If you’re unsure whether to start small or go big:

Stripes & Polka Dots

Celebrities like Emma Stone often combine black and white polka dots with horizontal stripes. The key is to balance the size of the prints – smaller polka dots are less conspicuous. Larger prints create a more dramatic effect and can transition from day to night effortlessly.

Stripes and flowers or polka dots and flowers

Pair stripes or polka dots with floral prints by sticking to complementary colors. Flowers can serve as the focal point, while stripes or dots act as the base, providing a neutral background for the outfit.

The animal print

Animal prints, from zebra stripes to tiger patterns, are versatile and never go out of style when worn correctly. Add a touch of animal print to your wardrobe for a trendy twist – whether through a bold outfit or subtle accessories. You can pair animal prints with vibrant colors or opt for neutral tones for a more understated look.

Top Tips When Combining Prints
Good Faces / Unsplash

Start by incorporating one pattern at a time to lay a strong foundation for mixing prints:

Substitute a pattern with something more basic.

Add a subtle touch of pattern by layering a printed shirt under a jacket or blazer. This allows you to reveal or conceal the print as desired, giving you versatility in styling.

Start with a subtle piece of clothing

If bold prints feel overwhelming, begin with accessories like socks, a scarf, or a purse. These smaller items can add interest to your outfit without overpowering the look.

Believe In Yourself

Make your style personal and unique! Embrace prints that make you feel confident, even if they are not universally loved. Experiment with different patterns, colors, and combinations to express your individuality and confidence.

Top Tips When Combining Prints
Molly Mears / Unsplash

Contrary to traditional fashion advice, mixing patterns can elevate your style and add excitement to your look. Here are some strategies to harmoniously combine prints and patterns:

Get to know your foundation prints

Start with classic prints like polka dots, stripes, and florals, then layer them with bolder patterns. Pair a traditional striped top with a more intricate geometric print for a stylish ensemble that complements each other.

Let there be a power clash

Don’t shy away from mixing unrelated prints. Experiment with powerful patterns like leopard print and plaid by anchoring the look with neutral pieces like a black blazer or denim jacket.

Patterns of every size

Combine patterns of different sizes to create visual interest. Pair a small floral skirt with a large plaid flannel for a unique and trendy outfit that stands out.

Colours, colours, colours!

When mixing prints, consider the color scheme carefully. Balance vibrant and neutral prints for a cohesive look. Experiment with multicolored patterns by incorporating a unifying color from one print into another for a harmonious combination.

Whether you prefer bold or subtle looks, remember to choose prints that flatter your figure and style. Coordinate colors, mix patterns creatively, and accessorize thoughtfully to complete your mixed print ensemble with confidence and flair.

Be daring, embrace your individuality, and wear your unique style with confidence. If you’re still unsure, start by experimenting with mixing prints in accessories, shoes, and complementary pieces to ease into this exciting fashion trend.

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