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Dresser Mirrors: What to Look For, Features, Specs and Varities

Dresser mirrors are crucial in making furniture look neater and enhancing interior design. However, picking the right model that complements the overall aesthetic can be a daunting task due to the vast selection available in the modern market.

If you choose the correct mirror for your chest of drawers, it will not only be convenient to use but also add to the decor and aesthetics of the room. An optimal mirror shape and size can make space look neat and create a stylish detail that brings the whole room together.

Varieties of Mirrors in Different Shapes

Choosing a bathroom mirror involves more than just the size. Consider the dimensions of the space, its design, lighting, humidity level, and ease of use when selecting the right option. Some popular models of mirrors include:

  • Rectangular mirrors, which are the most common and can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the wall’s size and other factors.
  • Round mirrors can visually expand the bathroom’s space.
  • Square mirrors have the largest reflection area and are a comfortable classic. If the interior design is soft, choose a square with rounded corners to avoid creating visual dissonance.
  • Oval mirrors feature smooth shapes that fit perfectly in classic interior designs. Vertical arrangement of oval mirrors can make a room look taller while horizontal arrangement can make it seem wider.
  • Free-form mirrors are those of non-standard shapes or floating shapes and are suitable for creative interiors and unusual accents. Sometimes, there are mirror mosaics that you can choose from.

The modern market has mirrors of various sizes- small, medium, and large- for different uses. Small mirrors work well as exciting decor or for complementing a compact furniture set that has limited space. Medium and large mirrors make it easy to see all the little details on the surface without straining the eyes.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dresser Mirror

Before making a purchase, measure the cabinet’s width and mark the eye level’s height. A large mirror can expand a space, so choose the size that harmonizes with the room’s dimensions and overall interior design.

The frame color and canvas shape should match and complement the general style of the room. We recommend avoiding wooden frames without treatment since they cannot withstand high humidity levels and may become unusable. Choose mirrors with plastic frames or frameless mirrors to avoid such problems.

You can emphasize the interior design’s style using the mirror frame. Carved details work well for baroque or eclectic styles, while ordinary frameless mirrors are perfect for classic or minimalistic looks. Chameleon mirrors change color depending on the angle, making them perfect for those that love unusual accents.


Photo by Zahra Tavakoli fard on Unsplash

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