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Discover the Key to Finding the Fit Shapewear –

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Maybe you have been seeing a lot of fuzz about shapewear over social media. A lot of celebrities and influencers wear them and are always saying how good they are and how helpful they have been to help them look amazing at their special events. 

The reality is, that shapewear has become very popular in the past few years thanks exactly to celebrities and influencers. But for sure, shapewear is not only a real-life saver for them, but it also is for every other woman in the world, as they are not made specifically for celebrities. With every season, there will be new arrival shapewear that you can choose to make you look and feel your best.

They will not only smooth any lumps or bumps but give you a slimmer and smoother silhouette, no matter if you are wearing them for day-to-day activities but also, and most especially, for a special occasion. But the reality is that finding the right and most supportive shapewear sometimes can be really a hard task.

As there are so many brands, types and styles of shapewear in the market, it will be a bit hard to find the perfect shapewear or wholesale waist trainers. Follow our top secrets and tips to find the right one for each and every occasion.

Problematic areas

It is always important to identify what areas will be targeted by the shapewear. They can be your back, your thighs, or your tummy. Knowing all this will also let you choose the proper level of compression and of course the right style.

Compression level

You should always choose the right level of compression for your need, as shapewear has different levels that go from light one to a firm one. To decide how much support you need, you’ll need to base this decision on the comfort level you want to have and also the areas that are problematic.


There are different types of shapewear for many different occasions. For example, high-waisted shorts or a wholesale yoga legging can and will be more appropriate to wear every day, while a full-body shaper will be perfect if you are going to wear a bodycon dress.


Always make sure that your shapewear is made out of moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, as these will prevent irritation and most importantly, any discomfort that can be created.


Choosing the right size will help you avoid discomfort and the creation of bulging. Smaller sizes will create discomfort, rolling up and bulging, while bigger sizes won’t be effective at all.

Body type

Knowing your body type is always important as different styles of shapewear work better for many different body types. For example, high-waisted shorts are great for pear-shaped bodies, while full-body shapers are the best options for apple-shaped bodies.


While shapewear used to be and probably was really known for being uncomfortable, nowadays they are and won’t be. Look for pieces that provide all the comfort you need, for example, they should be made with soft fabrics, have adjustable straps, etc.


While knowing that high-quality shapewear might not be cheap, they will provide you with better results and will last longer than the cheaper versions you can find.


If you have the possibility to try the shapewear before you buy it, then it is the best thing you can do. This makes you will make sure that they not only fit right but also will help you achieve the results that you want. If buying online, make sure the brand has a great return policy.

Custom solutions

You can always mix and match shapewear pieces which will end up creating custom solutions for your body, your needs, and also your outfits.

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