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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Coloured Diamonds

Image Source: Unsplash

5 Common Myths About Coloured Diamonds

Risk of Buying Loose Coloured Diamonds

When purchasing loose coloured diamonds from a reputable jeweler, there are no inherent risks as each diamond comes with a GIA certificate detailing its properties. You can find affordable fancy coloured loose diamonds for sale online from reputable sources.

Importance of Carat in Grading

While carat measures a diamond’s weight (1 carat = 0.2g), the color, clarity, and cut are equally important factors in grading. Colored diamonds with a grading of ‘fancy’ or ‘vivid’ typically command higher prices.

Natural vs. Lab-Created Coloured Diamonds

While natural diamonds are highly valued, lab-created coloured diamonds are also available. When designing bespoke diamond jewelry in Sydney, one can choose between natural and synthetic stones. Argyle pink diamonds, a sought-after choice, are predominantly natural. While synthetic stones are more affordable, natural stones remain the preferred choice by most individuals.

The Permanence of Diamonds

Diamonds are not truly eternal, as they eventually transform into graphite. However, the degradation process for diamonds is incredibly slow, with high-quality colored diamonds being considered a valuable long-term investment due to their rarity.

Cost of Custom Diamond Jewellery

Contrary to popular belief, having custom diamond jewelry made can be cost-effective. For instance, a pink diamond engagement ring can be crafted for a similar price as a pre-made ring. Custom jewelry offers the benefits of uniqueness, personalized design choices, and potential appreciation in value over time.

Image Source: Freepik
Image Source: Freepik

Custom jewelers can provide a diverse selection of quality colored diamonds to help create a unique design for a special ring, which can serve as a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

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