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Best Loafers Trends For Fall 2023

Image Source: Anna Zhuk / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a versatile footwear option that pairs well with any outfit, then loafers are the way to go for fall/winter 2023. The best approach to adopting this trend is by opting for neutral colors as they allow for easy mixing and matching with your existing wardrobe. Loafers also serve as a great alternative to flats.

Another way to make the most of trendy loafers is to incorporate them into your office attire for a more comfortable yet stylish look, providing a great alternative to traditional flats.

Are loafers still trend on 2023?

Loafers have remained a timeless and adaptable footwear choice, consistently weaving in and out of seasonal trends. Renowned for their comfort and ability to transition between casual and formal looks, loafers are an evergreen staple in fall wardrobes, particularly for 2023.

What to wear with loafers according fall trend 2023?

When it comes to styling loafers for the fall 2023 trend, consider how they will complement your overall wardrobe, including your coats, sweaters, and other autumn ensembles. Here are some outfit ideas to style your loafers for fall 2023:

1. Pattern sweater + basic pants

An excellent choice for pairing with loafers is a classic patterned sweater such as Fair Isle, houndstooth, plaid, or cable knit. To balance the boldness of the sweater, opt for basic pants and choose loafers in earthy tones like browns, tans, or deep burgundy.

2. Loafers with socks

For a trendy and comfortable fall look, style your loafers with socks, an oversized sweater, and a mini skirt. This combination provides a modern yet cozy ensemble for the season.

look. The oversized fit adds a casual and relaxed vibe to the outfit.

3. Style with maxi denim skirt

The denim adds a casual and versatile element to the outfit. Consider a skirt with a front slit for added movement. Tuck in a fitted or semi-fitted top into the waistband of the skirt for a polished look.

4. Plaid blazer + denim

Styling a plaid blazer with denim and loafers is a classic and stylish combination for the fall season. The plaid pattern adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit. The denim adds a relaxed and casual element to the ensemble.

5. The suit game

Styling a suit blazer with Bermuda pants and loafers can create a chic and modern look, perfect for a smart-casual look. Consider a matching suit set for a coordinated look or mix and match with complementary colors.

6. Color combo

Creating a fall look with a layered chunky sweater, a shirt, and loafers involves selecting a harmonious color palette. Classic denim, brugundy, or dark brown pants can balance the richness of the sweater and tie the look together.

7. Cropped blazer + mini skirt

The cropped silhouette adds a modern and stylish touch to the outfit. Consider fall fabrics like wool, corduroy, or tweed for warmth. The mini length keeps the look playful and feminine.

8. Oversized coat

The oversized silhouette adds a stylish and cozy vibe to your outfit. Opt for chunky loafers to balance the oversized nature of the coat. Loafers with a thick sole or platform can add a modern touch to the ensemble.

Image Source: Anna Zhuk / Shutterstock

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