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6 Best Bridal Gown Styles For A Spring Wedding 2023

If you are planning a spring wedding and are planning looking for a bridal gown for your special day. Of course you need all the checklists of models, silhouettes, materials (lace, sequins, white) with the latest trend to create your dreamy bridal gown.

With spring wedding 2023 starting to kick off soon, we can’t help but be enthralled by the incredible wedding gowns we’ve probably kept in our Instagram favorites for a while, right? Extra silhouettes, puffy sleeves, and lace veils have returned with glorious vengeance after brides endured delay after delay—and if perhaps we don’t intend to get married anytime soon, at least have the intention of using the free time to re-plan. To get a better perspective on the process of choosing a wedding dress and navigating bridal trends, we’ve got the editors collected and surveyed our favorites and shared them with you.

Ahead, scroll down for our favorite dreamy bridal styles ideas for your next spring wedding!

1. Dramatic silhouettes

Dramatic silhouettes are a classic way to show off your figure. The deep V-cut on the bodice and the contrasting feather touch give it a contemporary queen effect that takes the sleek shape and amplifies it just enough.

2. Short bridal gown

There’s nothing quite like the understated beauty of a dress gown. Sexy, sleek and sophisticated, all eyes surely will be on you when you walk down the aisle in this dress. We love the subtle tail minimalist details and enough practice to make a statement.

3. Floral embroidery

Many of our parents probably wore a wedding dress with a subtle touch of floral embroidery to wed in the ’80s—only so much better. Dramatic accent combinations like puff sleeves contrast nicely with simple silhouettes.

4. Super minimalist

The days of maxi and voluminous skirts are over now. Say hello to this more straightforward bridal style, inspired by a Korean drama wedding gown.

5. Aesthetic puffy

The puffy sleeves with a silhouette aesthetic blend beautifully with a veil or can be worn without it, as the draping gives a veil-like shape to the dress itself. Puffy sleeves can be a great option if you’re a countryside bride.

6. No drama club

With less drama and elopement hassles coming in 2023 than ever before, brides are opting for something less dramatic and more suitable for smaller weddings. The simple White Dress still feels very bridal but works in more modest settings.

Image Source: Natalia Bostan / Shutterstock

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