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Beauty Tips: What You Need to Know to Achieve Red Hair Color

Beauty Tips: What You Need to Know to Achieve Red Hair Color – Understand the important factors when deciding to go red or ginger with your hair.

Demi Lovato Red hair Beauty Tips You Should Know To Make Red Hair Color

Your skin tone is on the pink side.
Choosing the right shade of red is essential. According to Jennifer J, a Matrix celeb colorist and owner of Juan Salons in Southern California, individuals with cool or pinkish skin tones tend to carry off red hair color the best. On the flip side, those with golden or olive skin may find it more challenging to find a flattering red shade.

You embrace attention.
Red hair is a bold choice that demands confidence to handle the inevitable stares. Tasha Forgash, a color specialist at Shag Salon in Boston, emphasizes the need to be self-assured. Colorist Sarah Gold, renowned for Lindsay Lohan’s former flame-colored hair, describes red hair as a statement piece that commands attention as soon as you walk into a room.

Your hair is in good condition.
For red hair color to shine, it’s crucial that your hair is well-maintained. If your hair is excessively dry or damaged, it may struggle to retain the vibrant red hues. Proper care such as regular deep conditioning, frequent trims, and minimizing heat styling can enhance the longevity and vibrancy of your red hair.


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