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Bag Manufacturer Leading the Way in Sustainable Fashion

Many fashion brands are adapting their manufacturing processes to meet the growing demand for sustainability from consumers.

In today’s competitive global market, it is essential for fashion brands to incorporate sustainability into their offerings.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases and expect transparency regarding the environmental cost of the products they buy.

Consumers are urging brands and manufacturers to prioritize sustainability in their practices.

Despite the urgency to make fashion more sustainable, many brands and manufacturers have not fully embraced sustainable business models.

Both fashion brands and manufacturers need to adopt more sustainable processes to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

One manufacturer that stands out for its commitment to sustainable fashion accessories is Autron Industry, a company known for its leadership in the design and production of fashion accessories since 2007.



Autron Industry not only focuses on sustainable product design but also ensures ethical and environmentally friendly practices throughout the supply chain.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Autron Industry is setting a high standard for the fashion industry and encouraging other manufacturers to follow suit.

Autron’s recycled yarn supply chain
Autron’s recycled yarn supply chain

About Autron Industry

Autron Industry specializes in creating elegant and sustainable vegan handbags, carefully selecting materials that are either recycled or recyclable.

It is crucial to understand the environmental impact of the fashion industry and strive for sustainable solutions.

Here are some key statistics that highlight Autron’s commitment to sustainable practices:

  • 80% of their raw materials are certified to the Global Recycled Standard.
  • 90% of their products utilize recycled materials.
  • 75% of their raw material factories pay workers a living wage.
  • 100% of their linings come from GRS and OEKO certified yarns.
  • Autron prevented 10 tons of plastic waste from entering the oceans this year by using recycled polyester.
  • They recycled 1.8 million plastic bottles to create their bags.
  • Over 150 workers are supported through the Sedex Fair Trade program.
  • They opted for 768,590 biodegradable PLA packaging over less eco-friendly plastic poly bags.
  • 93% of Autron’s customers switched to their sustainable materials.

Every handbag from Autron Industry incorporates recycled materials, showcasing their commitment to sustainability through various eco-friendly elements in their products.

Recycled polyester backpack making by Autron Industry
Recycled polyester backpack making by Autron Industry

Interview with Austin Chan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Autron Industry:

Q. What is Autron Industry’s role in promoting sustainability in brand manufacturing?

A. Autron Industry acts as a facilitator between technologies, materials, and garment manufacturers in the fashion industry, enabling the creation of sustainable vegan products that meet market demands.

Q. How does Autron Industry drive success and growth?

A. Autron Industry prioritizes incorporating sustainable materials and processes into brand decision-making to deliver superior performance. Their goal is to achieve sustainability for both their business and the planet.

Q. How does Autron Industry assist brands in adapting to changing fashion trends?

A. Autron’s position allows them to guide brands on using sustainable manufacturing processes and materials to align with evolving fashion trends.

Q. Could you share more about Autron Industry’s sustainable material supply chain development?

A. Certainly, I would be happy to discuss this aspect further.Autron Industry has been focusing on developing a sustainable material supply chain since 2014. They offer various material categories each year, including recycled polyester from plastic bottles, vegan leather, cotton canvas, nylon, and more. Brands working with Autron Industry can opt for sustainably sourced materials for their fashion bags at an affordable price.

When brands approach Autron Industry, they have the freedom to review and choose the materials they want for their products. Autron provides digital swatches of sustainable materials to help customers easily select the right articles for their products.

On the topic of business conduct, compliance, and transparency in the fashion industry, Autron Industry emphasizes ethical practices, honesty, and compliance with laws. Their policies are essential to their business operations, believing that their conduct is as crucial to success as the quality of their products.

Autron Industry has a responsibility to ensure their manufacturing processes are eco-friendly. This includes responsibly sourcing materials, using renewable sources, and implementing recycling practices to reduce carbon footprint.

Fashion brands and retailers can partner with companies like Autron Industry that specialize in sustainable fashion manufacturing. Consideration of entire product lifecycles, including disposal and recycling practices, is essential for promoting sustainability in the industry.

Recycled polyester, or rPET, is a significant material in sustainable fashion. By melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into polyester fiber, designers and brands can create eco-friendly clothing while reducing the demand for new plastic production.

Choosing recycled polyester over virgin polyester helps reduce the extraction of crude oil and natural gas, benefiting the environment. This approach contributes to keeping oceans clean and promoting sustainability across the fashion industry.

Sustainable design in fashion encompasses various aspects, from material selection to manufacturing processes to consumer behavior. Embracing eco-friendly practices throughout the fashion business helps create a more sustainable industry for all stakeholders.

Individual customers can also contribute to sustainability in fashion by making conscious purchasing decisions, taking care of their clothing, and responsibly disposing of items they no longer need. Together, these actions can help preserve the environment for future generations.

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