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4 Incredible Outfits You Should Wear In Bali

Bali has always become one of the poular destinations not only for locals, but also the whole world. With a lot of beautiful places and fun tourist spots, like Seminyak Beach or colder are Ubud. Surely you want to look chic in Bali with trendy outfits, right?

Alright, as a local and I will help you to get fashion and style guide for a vacation to Bali. But this is pretty mainstream, right? Alright I will give you some guidelines on what to wear when in Bali. So that you don’t have to worry about packing to bring many things into your luggage, consider the following honest tips from me.

Actually, there are no specific dress codes to wear for vacation to Bali, but it would great tips that help you be smarter in choosing outfit that are definitely useful.

There are lots of locations in Bali that you should visit, but let me categorize them more easily; warmer areas and colder areas. Let’s say the warmer area is located on South Bali where there are many beautiful beaches, Uluwatu beach, Kuta or Seminyak. And the colder area is located from the center of Bali to the north, one of the most popular place is Ubud. Between both areas with different temperatures, of course you have to need to make outfit checklist that you will wear.

Every Outfit Checklist That You Should Wear In Bali;

1. Footwear

The first thing I will discuss is the footwear that you have to bring or you definitely need when you go to Bali. There are only two footwear that you may need; casual flip flops for walking to enjoy the beaches, or areas near your guest house and they are definitely comfortable to wear. The second is enough to bring your favorite sneakers, this is useful for long trips when riding a motorbike or when you are on a plane.

2. Chic Tote Bag


I’m not going to talk about luggage and backpacks. The bag that you will carry everywhere when you have this summer trip, you should be able to carry a lot of your things like your passport, wallet, cell phone and sunscreen lotion. The local market sells a lot of chic tote bags with various sizes that you can buy according to what you need. This could be your souvenir.

3. Clothing

All right, this is one of the main things. I observed people prefer bring clothes from where they came from. In Bali a lot of people sell trendy summer outfits with affordable price and comfortable quality. You are worried that the price offered is quite expensive, learn to bid on the local market. Or you just go to the Mall. Here’s outfit pieces thing you may need on Bali:

  • One Set; by wearing this one set with a crop top, you will look more stylish and comfortable when traveling in this tropical area.
Every Outfit Checklist That You Should Wear In Bali, According To Our Local Editor
  • Flowy Dress; with a softer and lighter material, it is certainly comfortable to wear for a walk on the sidewalk in Ubud or have dinner at Seminyak.
  • Swimwear; when you go to the beach and you need super tanning from the hot Bali sun, you definitely need a chic swimwear. Complete with a super light outer to protect from the hot sun or warm your body after swimming.
Every Outfit Checklist That You Should Wear In Bali, According To Our Local Editor
  • Loose pants; let talk about cold area, you might need loose pants with printed or plain designs to just walk around Ubud.

4. Accessories

You may not need to bring many accessories from where you come from, all the accessories you need may be sold in Bali at the local market. You can buy straw hats, cute beaded jewelry, sunglasses, it’s all there. Don’t forget to prepare an umbrella or raincoat, Bali weather can sometimes be unpredictable.

Image Source: Xeniia X / Shutterstock

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