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The Ultimate Guide To Help You Choose The Right Bracelet

We all love buying jewellery but how many times have you ordered a bracelet, only to find it simply doesn’t suit you? We put together a few tips to ensure that your choice of bracelet works with your personality.

Google Is Your Best Friend

If, for example, you are looking for a very specific type of bracelet, you can use a search engine to locate online jewellery retailers and browse until you find exactly what you’re looking for. There are literally thousands of online jewellers and when you find something you like, bookmark the site and you can revisit easily. You can also compare prices with a few mouse clicks and some online stores have specific items on special.

Choosing A Metal

Of course, we all have our own individual taste when it comes to jewellery; you might be a sterling silver girl and if so, there are stunning pieces of silver jewellery for Christmas from a leading shop. Regular silver tarnishes and might even turn your skin a weird shade of green! Gold is another favourite and at this time, gold makes for a wise investment; whether 9k, 18k or even 24k, gold bracelets are very appealing.

Think Stacking

Stacking necklaces, bracelets and rings is all the rage in 2022 and over time, you can build up an impressive collection of bracelets. There are no hard and fast rules with jewellery stacking; you can mix metals and wear items of varying length. It is a good idea to measure your wrist and order suitable length bracelets, ones that are not too tight and not too loose.

Ordering Online

When ordering jewellery from an online retailer, do check their returns policy; if a piece of jewellery arrives and for any reason, you don’t think it suits, you should be able to return it and select another piece of jewellery. Of course, there will be a time limit to return goods, perhaps 7 days, which is more than enough time to check out the item in question. You can also read the online reviews, which are a good indication of the quality and service. Sterling silver is always hallmarked and this should be checked.

Consider Skin Tone

Your skin tone has some bearing when wearing bracelets; sterling silver suits a darker complexion, while rose or yellow gold contrasts well with fair skin. Platinum is another very popular metal for jewellery as it does not tarnish; it all depends on you. If you would like to add to your bracelet collection, visit a reputable online jeweller and browse their catalogue of hand-made bracelets.

Online shopping takes the hard work out of choosing jewellery and if you aren’t 100% happy when the piece arrives, you can return it and select something else that suits your style. When choosing jewellery, always look for hand-made pieces from reputable sources and when you do find a good online jewellery retailer, bookmark the site and you can return periodically to check out their latest additions to their catalogue.

Image Source: Lifestyle and Wedding ph / Shutterstock

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