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A Guide To Styling Simple, Everyday Jewelry

What Does ‘Minimalist’ Jewelry Mean?

Wearing minimalist jewelry involves only wearing one or two pieces at a time, a trend that is currently popular especially in fashion shows featuring models worldwide.

If you’re unsure how to rock this style, here are some expert tips on how to wear everyday jewelry with a minimalist touch.

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Chunky Bracelet

Chunky bracelets are a current trend and are likely here to stay. You can find a variety of options at an online sterling silver jewelry store at affordable prices. For a minimalist look, stick to a single chunky bracelet paired with maybe a set of earrings. Avoid overloading on jewelry for this style.

The Single Chain Necklace

A single chain necklace is a classic minimalist choice. Look for long silver necklaces from an online sterling silver jeweler. You could purchase a chunky silver chain along with a couple of thinner chains for more versatility when wearing a single necklace.

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "
Image Source: Unsplash


Wearing Rings

If you prefer a minimalist look, consider wearing just your engagement and wedding rings. For those not married, a friendship ring can be a stylish choice. Chunky rings in rose gold, silver, or platinum are popular and can be found at online sterling silver jewelry stores at reasonable prices. To learn more about minimalist jewelry styling, search for related articles online for additional insights.

Mix And Match

If you have a diverse jewelry collection, you have more options for creating a minimalist ensemble. Experiment with your pieces in front of a mirror or seek an honest opinion from a friend by sharing photos.

Pear Drop Earrings

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "

Image Source: Unsplash

Pear drop earrings can make a statement when worn with the right outfit, requiring little else besides a necklace or bracelet. Hoop earrings are another flattering option that accentuate facial features. You can find suitable pieces by browsing an online silver jewelry store. Dropdown earrings are ideal for formal occasions or work settings.

To discover more minimalist looks, conduct a Google image search for inspiration. Ultimately, wearing what makes you feel good is key. Don’t hesitate to seek input from your best friend for that extra boost of confidence.

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