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7 Creative Ways To Wear An Oversized Shirt in 2023

An oversized button-down shirt is a versatile and enduring staple in any wardrobe, available in a myriad of colors and styles. While it’s effortless to pair your favorite oversized shirt with anything for a casual look, styling an oversized shirt to suit any occasion and look perfect requires some creativity.

Fortunately, fashionistas, bloggers, and influencers have decoded this for us. When in need of fashion inspiration, look to these trendsetters and let their stylish and timeless ensembles guide you.

Below are Effortless Ways To Style An Oversized Shirt In 2023:

1. Pair with Denim

For an easy and safe option, match your oversized shirt with your go-to denim pieces. You might discover that the top tucked away in your closet complements your jeans perfectly.

2. Summer Layering

The oversized shirt offers both comfort and elegance. When heading to a summer outing like the beach, layer it over a bralette; for a work setting, switch to a basic tank top.

3. Combine with a Minimalist Skirt

Pairing an oversized shirt with a simple maxi skirt instantly elevates your look, exuding chic and sophistication.

4. Experiment with Colorful Shirts

While neutrals like white and beige are go-to choices, consider opting for a more colorful oversized shirt to add vibrancy to your wardrobe in the upcoming season.

5. Coordinate with Loose Pants

Pairing this shirt with loose-fitting pants is effortless yet stylish, making it ideal for a fashionable office ensemble.

6. Embrace Neutral Tones

Take inspiration from French fashion aesthetics that favor neutrals. Opt for oversized, button-down, or long-sleeved shirts paired with casual pants for a chic and understated look.

7. White Monochrome

This oversized shirt is versatile for all seasons; wear it in summer for a sophisticated ensemble by combining it with loose white pants for a monochromatic look.

Image Source: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

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