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7 Best Casual Workwear Items That Will Look Amazing With Your Sneakers

**7 Best Casual Workwear Items That Will Look Amazing With Your Sneakers**

Three of the fashion formulas that you can wear to go to the office if there are any rules to wearing something casual. If sneakers sometimes give a “too much” casual look or are considered informal wardrobe for a workspace. Apart from depending on the dress code, there are various ways to style work outfit with your favorite pair sneakers that can give a formal and appropriate but not too casual look at one time.

Or if you don’t like wearing heels, there’s one day with a dress code “casual” in your working place, here are 7 smart casual workwear formulas with any sneakers that you can copy onto spring.

**1. Blazer on the go**
If blazers for women are usually worn to get a formal style by pairing silk blouses and heels, this time you can try wearing them with a pair of sneakers too. To get the formal look with a bit of a trendy and casual touch, you can try wearing a midi dress or pullover, depending on the weather.

**2. Layering Shirt + Knit Vest + Jeans**
Mixing and matching pieces from different seasons is critical to nailing a dressing for transitional weather. Throw on jeans, a layering sweater vest, and an oversized shirt for days with unpredictable weather.

**3. Stand out more with a blouse style**
Next, wear a silk blouse, loose pants, and neutral sneakers to stand out. Then choose a handbag with the same tones as your blouse. Add some minimalist accessories, such as watches, rings, and earrings, to complete your look.

**4. The suit trend**
The suit is part of the easiest of spring trends; You paired it with any minimalist accessories in this outfit. For example, the look can be featured with a classic suit styled with two of today’s biggest accessory trends; sneakers and classic tote bags.

**5. Try black on black**
When in doubt, minimalism is the key to looking stylish this spring on the outfit. Try black-on-black ensembles and white sneakers, and you’ll look new and neutral.

**6. Oversized game**
For those warm spring days, oversized is still one of the keys. However, you don’t have to wear something too over; upgrade your look for oversized sweaters or shirts.

**7. Still on a simple layering**
Another way to make your smart casual workwear feel fresh, even if you’re over having to wear them, is by opting for a simple layering look. Style an oversized coat and sneakers, and you’ll have a little spring in your step. Or just wearing a sweater to layer over the shirt.

**Image Source:** Pressmaster / Shutterstock

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