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6 Trendy Dior Handbags Endorsed by Jisoo of BLACKPINK

Each member of BLACKPINK is loyal to their favorite brands; Jennie loves Chanel, Rosé prefers Saint Laurent, Lisa adores Celine, and Jisoo is a fan of Dior, matching her sweet and innocent personality.

Jisoo from BLACKPINK has been the brand ambassador for Dior over the recent years and consistently showcases fashionable It-bags in all her appearances.
Whether she is at a public event or strolling down the street, Jisoo is always seen flaunting the latest Dior handbags. Her endorsement of the brand often leads to a surge in sales of the particular bag she carries.
Jisoo openly expresses her admiration for Dior, frequently styling her outfits with the brand’s iconic bags at various events, airports, and even in her Instagram selfie posts.
Below, discover a selection of the chic and essential Dior bags that you should consider adding to your collection.

Small Lady Dior My ABCDiod Bag

  • Micro Lady D-Joy Bag
  • The Lady 95.22,
  • Bag Small Lady D-Joy Bag,
  • Medium Lady D-Lite Bag
  • Medium Lady Dior Bag

Image Source: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

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