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6 Things To Prepare A Chic Sweet 16 Birthday Decor Party

When celebrating teen birthday or what people called a sweet 16 birthday which is the age transition from youth to adulthood. Many people think this age signifies the last age for someone to have fun. Because after 16, they will be faced with all kinds of responsibilities as an adult human being. That makes many teenagers want to make a sweetest 16 birthday party to make it more memorable.

But to create the perfect party requires best preparation and some checklist of what must be prepared; from invitations, cake, to the perfect venue. Not to mention, it’s a birthday decoration that’s perfect for the Sweet 16 party.

Sweet 16 birthday decorations will be easier if you prepare a checklist that you can prepare in advance. Even though it looks complicated and needs some effort, aka costs a lot, it actually only consists of a few affordable decorations from our favourite shop.

Since it is a historical day, don’t just make a birthday party, celebrate the party with more memories with extraordinary decorations added to the happy atmosphere with family and friends. If you will make your sweet 16 and want to celebrate a small birthday party with your family and besties.

You should consider a few things when you want to décor your sweet 16 birthday party with something unique yet impressive!

1. Consider A Theme

The first thing you think about is the theme for the birthday decor, you can prepare other things once the theme is decided. For example, you want a sweet 16 with a black-and-white or all-pink theme.

2. Venue

Choose a venue that is suitable with your birthday theme to match the decor material that you will build later. For example, you want to build a backdrop for an outdoor or indoor event. You can choose the perfect material to build the decoration based on your location.

3. Backdrop Stands

The next idea, you need a backdrop decoration for background photography. For this, you need to install a chiara backdrop which you will decorate with elements according to your birthday theme. Starting from the balloon that is placed below to the other elements to layer the curtain.

4. Balloons

You may already be familiar with this one birthday decoration. Yup, it’s a balloon kit. Choose some balloon colors according to the theme of your party so you can arrange them to make it more festive.

5. Wall Backdrops

It is an undeniable thing, the wall backdrop is very important to build all this decoration. You can make your dream party come true by visiting a wall backdrop shop like which provides many choices of backdrops according to the party theme. To make it more interesting and unique, you can make a custom sweet 16 birthday background decoration with a wall backdrop or fringe curtains.

6. Text

To make birthday party decor more attractive and glamorous. Of course, you need text to show “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” or write your name on the backdrop. Add some balloons and pom-poms to make it chicer for the decoration.


Image: Dream Team Fotografia/SS

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