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5 Reasons To Add Vegan Shoes To Your Wardrobe

Environmental issues are a concern for many people.

As many look to how they can help to reduce carbon emissions, many have turned to their wardrobes.

Wearing second-hand clothes is now trendy, as is fixing clothes. Of course, there has also been a trend toward sustainable clothing – even vegan clothing!

Vegan clothing is a great way to ensure that your wardrobe is cruelty-free. There are many advantages to switching from animal-based materials in your clothing, particularly your shoes. Here, some of the top benefits of adding vegan shoes to your wardrobe are explored.


Leather, suede, and other animal-based clothing materials need protection from the elements, or else they can crack and fade.

A key benefit of vegan shoes is that they are often made from durable fabrics. These can include recycled rubber, cork, and hemp. These substances are better for your feet due to breathability. Also, they will look better for longer too!

If you want to imitate animal-based materials, faux leather and suede are popular. They look indistinguishable from the animal-based versions and need no maintenance. Synthetic leather and suede also come at a fraction of the cost.


Many types of leather shoes and boots are pricey. Many can run into the regions of hundreds of dollars, which is not great if you are on a budget!

While many people equate veganism with excess cost, vegan shoes are often cheap. A good example of affordable vegan shoes can be found online, like at Chimmy Churry. They do range in price, and vegan brand-named shoes will likely cost more.

With the affordability and longevity, vegan shoes are a great investment!


Veganism is often linked to being eco-friendly. However, these words don’t always mean the same thing.

When you buy vegan shoes, the company will often have an eco-friendly ethos, meaning that they prioritize being carbon neutral. Some vegan companies even handmake their products. Compared to most shoes that come from factories, this is an obvious benefit in terms of C02 emissions.


In years gone by, vegan shoes were not great to look at.

Many were plain, boring, and looked unfashionable. With more companies looking into vegan alternatives, vegan shoes have become trendier. Some shoes even look Boho or sporty in their styles. You can even get vegan hiking boots and themed shoes too!

There are so many brands to sort through and try, so you will never be short on a shoe type that matches your outfit.

Plastic reduction

There is a myth that vegan fashion equates to more plastic, which, based on plastic pollution, is not a good thing at all and is likely to be the last thing you want if you are eco-friendly!

In years gone by, vegan fashion did use high levels of PVC. However, more companies are looking into alternatives to make clothes and shoes. For instance, you can now buy vegan shoes made from plant leather, like pineapple leaves. It doesn’t stop with shoes either! You can buy bags, clothes, and even bedding made from plant-based materials, which is great if you want to slash your plastic intake!

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