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5 Practical Steps To Look and Feel More Elegant as a Woman

Would you like to feel a sense of self-confidence washing through you at all times? It’s not so tricky! In fact, it’s the little things that matter, from your dress sense and composure to the way you speak.

So, if that’s the kind of woman you want to be, here are practical tips to look and feel more elegant.

1. Work towards a simple, stylish wardrobe

Contrary to what you might think, elegance isn’t about having thousands of flashy clothes in your wardrobe, clothes you never get to wear more than once. It’s about having a style and sticking to it from color, brand, patterns, etc.

You want to have clothes you can wear several times and still can’t love them less. So go for clothes that you personally love, not because they’re trending.

For instance, neutral colors work with everything. Three tops that can go with three bottoms already give you nine outfits you can wear at any time.

2. Go for quality

Understand that elegance isn’t about luxury, instead it about quality. A top that costs $50 but serves you for two years is better than one that costs $20 and only serves you for two months. You’d have to buy several of the latter within those two years, which totals far more.

Keeping cost of an apparel aside for a while, you feel better — more proud — wearing quality.

3. Smell nice at all times

To stay elegant round the clock, you want to smell nice whether you’re at the office or home. And this boils down to your bathing and skincare routine after bath.

From scented soaps and classy deodorants to lotions, ensure you never run out of bath and body products that stamp your presence everywhere you go. Even when someone visits you at home unannounced, it’s great when they meet you in an elegant state. Don’t be too different from what people see outside.

4. Let it show in your attitude

Again, elegance goes beyond looks. It also has to do with the way you talk. An elegant woman commands attention without striving for it. You walk into a room, and you’re instantly liked.

And all of that comes down to how you treat yourself and people. The kind of words you say should be modest, courteous, and bold at the same time. You’re always at the top of your game. You’re prepared, and you answer people with a smile. You stand tall because you know your self-worth.

Remember, a bad attitude ruins the grandest physical appearance. If you don’t treat people nicely, you shouldn’t count yourself as an elegant person.

5. Makeup and accessories should be minimal

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, adopting a minimal makeup routine makes you look more elegant. It shows you don’t have to over-rely on heavy makeup to be beautiful. It means you appreciate your natural beauty, and all you do is a minor enhancement. What’s more, it saves you dressing time!

And when it comes to accessorizing, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” according to Leonardo Da Vinci. Wearing a large bracelet, necklace, watch, and earrings simultaneously can be a little too much. Instead, make one item your primary focus. Aim for at most two jewelry pieces at a time. If you must pierce, simple is golden. Ensure your accessory pairs well with your wardrobe, and you’re good to go.

An elegant woman looks neat and put together at all times. It doesn’t matter whether she’s at the office, at a party, or home. You just know. And it’s beyond how she looks; it’s how she feels.

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