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5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas Every Newlywed Will Love

Wedding season is here, so it’s time to consider the best wedding gifts to buy.  Traditional wedding gifts are often wasteful and bad for the environment, so you may be trying to think outside the box for the best eco-friendly wedding gifts. Where do you even begin the search?

Start your gift buying by checking out this list of sustainable wedding gifts any couple would love while ALSO being great for the planet.

1. Reusable Cloth Napkins

Paper towels and napkins may seem convenient, but they do more harm than good as they result in more than 254 million tons of trash annually. You can do your part to save the planet by giving all of your to-be-wed couples reusable cloth napkins.

They are more stylish and classy than paper, but also washable and great wedding gifts that last a lifetime.

2. Cast Iron Skillet Sets

Does the newlywed couple enjoy cooking together? Give them minimalist wedding gifts they’ll be able to use repeatedly: a cast-iron skillet set. If appropriately treated, a cast-iron skillet can last for years.

They’re versatile and work great for all kinds of recipes, from pizza to cast iron bread. And if you deep dive, you can find great companies that handcraft them with 100% flaxseed oil to keep them rust-free.

3. 100% Recycled Wine Glasses

Plain wine glasses are boring and can be bad for the environment. Level up their glassware collection with recycled wine glasses they can use for any occasion.

Everything has a story, and your newlywed couple will appreciate having these to commemorate their own. You can find refurbished and mouth-blown wine glasses from various artisans, and with a quick reach out, you could get them monogrammed as well.

4. Solar Panel Installation

Most loved ones offer grand gestures to a marrying couple, like a car or a new house. But if the couple already owns a home, it may be hard to find the next best grand gift that they’ll while being eco-friendly.

Why not give them the gift of renewable energy with solar? Investing in solar panel installation sets the couple for success by allowing them to save up to 90% on electricity costs.

Some installers, like this solar company Blue Raven, even offer incentives that allow the couples to save even more on monthly costs, and this is done all while protecting the environment.

5. Zero-Waste Cleaning Supplies

A clean home is a happy home, and your newly married loved ones will thank you for making it so with a zero-waste cleaning supply kit.

Each kit can contain glass reusable spray bottles and natural concentrates for a more conscious clean. From dish soaps to multi-purpose sprays, you can fill the basket up with all types of fresh scent cleaners and tools needed to eliminate any mess.

The Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts Come From The Heart

These are the best eco-friendly wedding gifts that are great for any couple getting married, but remember that the best gifts come from the heart. Keep them in mind, and they’ll cherish the gift forever.

Check out our tips and tricks blog for more tips on proper wedding gifts.

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