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3 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bralette For Your Cup Size

Searching for the perfect bra is comparable to looking for a car: it can be tedious but rewarding once you find the right one. Bralettes are a trendy piece in women’s fashion that has gained popularity for their wire-free and lightweight design.

Bralettes are favored for their comfort and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes similar to regular bras. To discover the ideal bralette for you, consider the following tips.

  1. Choose A Design That Matches Your Style

Consider your personal style and where you plan to wear the bralette. Pick a design that aligns with your preferences and needs. Opt for a simple bralette for everyday wear with a white shirt and denim shorts, or choose a luxurious bralette from brands like Natori for special occasions or date nights.

When selecting a design, think about your existing wardrobe to ensure you can easily pair the bralette with your outfits. Unlike traditional bras that are usually concealed under clothing, bralettes are meant to be shown off, adding a touch of allure and confidence to your look.

  1. Get Your Body Measurement

It’s crucial to measure your body accurately to find a well-fitted bralette. Grab a measuring tape and follow these steps to measure your bust size:

  • Band measurement: Place the measuring tape under your arms across your back. Ensure it sits flat against your back to determine your band size, which is just above your bust. Round down odd numbers to the nearest even number (e.g., if your measurement is 37, round down to 36).
  • Bust measurement: Measure the fullest part of your bust while keeping the tape parallel to the ground. Round up measurements exceeding 1.5 inches to the next whole number (e.g., 35.5 inches rounds up to 36 inches).

Bralette sizes typically range from 32 to 38, so round your measurements down to an even number. As body sizes can change, remeasure every six months to ensure a comfortable and well-fitting bralette.

3 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Bralette For Your Cup Size

  1. Know Your Bust Shape

Your breast shape plays a significant role in selecting the right bralette. Understanding your bust shape is essential when shopping for bras.

Here are some common bust shapes and suitable bra styles for each:

  • Bell shape: Breasts are fuller at the bottom and slimmer on top. Opt for underwired bralettes for support, or look for styles with underwire made for bell-shaped busts.
  • Round: Breasts are equally full from top to bottom. Choose bralettes with less coverage like balconette or plunge designs for this shape.
  • Asymmetric: One breast is larger than the other. T-shirt bralettes can help balance the asymmetry and make it less noticeable.

These are just a few common bust shapes. If you’re unsure, seek assistance from the store to find a suitable bralette.

Final Thoughts

Select bralette designs that complement your wardrobe for versatile styling. Accurate measurements are key when buying a bralette, and consider your breast shape to ensure the right fit and style for you.

Choosing the perfect bralette may seem overwhelming initially, but following these tips will help you avoid discomfort associated with wearing the wrong size by selecting a bralette based on your bust measurements.

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